Baraka Patenga Power Limited (BPPL)

Baraka Patenga Power Limited (BPPL) Information

Baraka Patenga Power Limited (BPPL) started its private company limited on June 07, 2011. On April 28, 2014, the private company transformed into a public service limited company. The electricity generation capacity of the plant is 50 MW.

The plant was built on the bank of the Karnafuli River at Patenga in the Chattrogram division. BPPL helps improve the quality of lifestyle in Chattrogram and contributes to national development by generating and supplying electricity for the national grid. BPPL started its commercial operation on May 04, 2014.

All About Baraka Patenga Power Limited

There are so many power generation companies in Bangladesh. Many of them are under construction, and some of them are planned for the future. In that continuity, it is essential to know about the power plant now, given the details about the Baraka Patenga Power Limited Company.

  • Plant Type: Electricity Generation
  • Location: Patenga, Chattrogram, Bangladesh
  • Capacity: 50 MW
  • Investment: BDT 4,150 Million
  • Organization Type: Public service limited company

Baraka Patenga Power Limited (BPPL) Project Details

Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB) has taken a plan to implement a 50 MW HFO-fired IPP electricity generation station at Patenga. The implemented power generation station’s name is Baraka Patenga Power Limited (BPPL).

With an agreement on July 31, 2011, BPPL signed with BPDB for the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). BPPL signed an Implementation Agreement with MPEMR ( Ministry of Power, Energy, and Mineral Resources ) for 15 years.

Baraka Patenga Power Limited (BPPL) Photo Gallery

Baraka Patenga Power is located in a beautiful place at Patenga. The night view of the station is marvelous. The station acquired many awards from the government and many organizations. For the readers, some of the pictures of BPPL are shared on the blog.

Baraka Patenga Power Limited (BPPL) Photo day
Baraka Patenga Power Limited (BPPL) Day Look
Baraka Patenga Power Limited (BPPL) Photo
Baraka Patenga Power Limited (BPPL) Night Look

Baraka Patenga Power Limited (BPPL) Construction Details

BPPL is a thermal-based power generation station. For the implementation, the project needs lots of money. Bangladesh Bank, World Bank, United Commercial Bank Limited, Trust Bank Limited & BRAC Bank Limited have financially funded by the task of BPPL. The estimated budget for the plant is BDT 4,150 Million. World Bank helps with 21.975 million USD for the project.

Raw Materials Of Baraka Patenga Power Limited (BPPL)

The raw Materials Of Baraka Patenga Power Limited (BPPL) are natural gas. When gas is burned, dangerous sulfur produces at that time. So, it is essential to keep an acceptable low-level emission of sulfur.

Baraka Patenga Power Limited (BPPL) Location And Contact Information

The head office of BPPL is in Dhaka. Now the office location and website link are given below:

  • Address: Address: 6/A/1(1st & 2nd Floor), Top Khana Road, Segunbagicha, Dhaka 1000
  • Website:

Bangladesh’s government determined to supply every corner of the nation is brighten with electricity by 2021. Baraka Patenga Power Limited joined the flow of the determination to illuminate the country. A reputed rating agency awarded AA2 credit to Baraka Patenga Power Limited.

AA2 credit is given when a power generator company has a strong capacity, comfortable cash flow, good credit profit, and good solvency. So, it’s clear that the nation BPPL played an essential role in the development of Bangladesh.


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