Barapukuria Power Station Information

Barapukuria Power Station Information

Dinajpur district is also known as a mine of coal. Coal is a combustible material. So, when it burns, it generates heat. We can utilize heating power to generate electricity. Due to the easy availability of coal, thermal power plants have been set up here. For this reason, a thermal coal-fired electricity generation company was established in 2006 at Durgapur, Barapukuria, with Barapukuria Power Station.

The station has three units of 525 MW capable of electricity generation. The first two units’ capability is 2 x 125 MW= 250 MV, and the last is 275 MV. The station started its commercial operation in 2015 with the capable generation of the first two units of electricity. For the Barapukuria Power Station, 5,200 tonnes of coal are required daily.

All About Barapukuria Power Plant

Barapukuria Power Station is one of the biggest power stations in the Northern zone of Bangladesh. The station is centered on the Barapukuria Coal Mining Company Ltd (BCMCL). The primary fuel of the power plant is mined coal. Here is an idea about the plant:

  • Plant Type: Thermal coal-fired
  • Location: Phulbari and Parbatipur Upazilas, Dinajpur district, Rangpur Division, Bangladesh
  • Capacity: 525 MW with 3 Units ( 2 x 125 and 275)
  • Service: 2006 (first two units), 2018 (Unit 3)
  • Finance: 224 million US$ in debt from ICBC (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China); 106.52 million US$ equity from the Government of Bangladesh.
  • Parent company: Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB)
  • Organization Type: Public service limited

Barapukuria Power Station Project Details

The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China has given the 224 million US$ loan to implement the Unit 3 project. The total cost of the project is 330.52 million US$. The Government of Bangladesh has provided the remaining 106 million US$ for the project.

For Barapukuria Power Plant, 5,200 tonnes of coal are required per day. Barapukuria Coal Mining Company Ltd (BCMCL) can not supply the total coal consumption. Due to the unavailability of mine coal, the power station was unexpectedly stopped on 22 July 2005 and again in 2018.

Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB) purchases 100,000 tonnes of coal per year for the plant from the international market. BPDB is responsible for all Barapukuria Power Stations’ activities because the power plant is under the BPDB.

Barapukuria Power Station Photo Gallery

Barapukuria Power Station is located at Durgapur, Barapukuria, Dinajpur. It looks wonderful. Now some pictures of the Barapukuria Power Station are given below:

Barapukuria Power Station Photo
Barapukuria Power Station Photo
Barapukuria Power Station
Barapukuria Power Station Photo

Raw Materials Of Barapukuria Power Plant

Barapukuria Power Station is a thermal-based power station. The raw materials of the Barapukuria Power Station are fire-burned coal. Barapukuria Coal Mining Company Ltd (BCMCL) and BPDB supply the coal.

Barapukuria Power Plant Location And Contact Information

Knowing the details about the Barapukuria Power Plant location and contact information is essential. Here the head office of the plant information is given below:

  • Address: Chowhati, Barapukuria, Parbatipur, Dinajpur, Bangladesh
  • Telephone: 6025601
  • Email:
  • Website:

Bangladesh is a developing country. Developing means, the entire Bangladesh grows its production at the same time. Electricity power maintains the leading role in development. Barapukuria Power Plant also join the party of the product. It generates electricity and distributes it to the national grid among the people of the Northern region of Bangladesh.


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