BPDB Bill Check Online

BPDB Bill Check Online: How To Check BPDB Electricity Bill Online

BPDB (Bangladesh Power Development Board) is one of the largest power distribution companies in Bangladesh. It serves the urban people in the country by providing electricity. This blog is writing about the way of  BPDB bill checking process. Sometimes users need to check their electricity bills before payment. So, BPDB allows checking its bill by some methods online.

Bangladesh Power Development Board Electricity Bill check

There are many options to check the electricity bill now this time. BPDB also launched an app for checking its bill and other works to do. By installing this app, consumers can easily check their bills. Moreover, other methods are available to check the bill. All of this are describes below.

Bill Check By BPDB Official Website

Customers can check the BPDB electricity bill by its official website or other mobile banking media. Users prefer to pay their bills online after checking. There have many methods to check bills online. If the customer wants to check their bill on BPDB’s website just click here. Then enter 8 digits customer number and location code.

How To Check BPDB Electricity Bill Online

Note: Consumer can get their location code and Consumer number on their bill papers.

Bill Check Using BPDB Official Apps

Another method of bill checking system is BPDB’s apps. By the following steps, consumers can check the bill through the app. This step is given below.

  • Download the BPDB app and install it on your phone
  • Open the app and go to the BILL option
  • Enter Location code, Customer number, and Bill month then click on Submit button.
  • Then show the details of the bill

BPDB Bill Check By bKash App

The other popular method of bill checking system is mobile banking. The mobile banks are bkash, Rocket, Robi, Nagad, etc. All of the mobile banking systems to check electricity bills is very easy. Now I describe the bKash mobile banking bill checking system. Read this blog and know the method of bill check on bkash. For this, at first, download the app and follow the step which is given below.

  • Select the Pay Bill option.
  • Tap Electricity and scroll down.
  • Tap BPDB (postpaid).
  • Enter meter and contact number.
  • Then give a reference number (you enter 0).
  • See the bill information.

BPDB Bill Check By bKash USSD

This method doesn’t need an internet connection and a smartphone. Consumers can check their bills with this method by simply dialing a mobile phone. The whole of the system details is given below:

  • Dial *247#
  • Reply 6 for pay bill.
  • Reply 2 for Electricity (postpaid)
  • Reply 5 to the BPDB
  • Type 1 for check bill
  • Reply 1 for the Input Customer number.
  • Enter bkash PIN
  • Get a bill information SMS.

It is important to check the electricity bill or any other bill before payment. If the bill seems to uses discrepancy, the users can take a precaution or give objections to the authority. All of these methods above describe in this blog is helps to check bill information. Share your experience with others and make your life easy and comfortable.


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