BPDB Prepaid Meter Codes

BPDB Prepaid Meter Codes: All Prepaid Meter Codes BD 2022

Most of us already know the electricity prepaid metering system. BPDB Prepaid meter codes use and other information related to this topic are here. Prepaid meter balance check, all prepaid meter codes of Bangladesh Electricity discuss here. Experimentally Bangladesh government launched prepaid meters in the middle age of 2017 in fewer homes in Bangladesh.

However, the prepaid meter makes users’ lives easier and more comfortable, but maximum users in Bangladesh don’t know how to access the prepaid meter easily. Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB) also includes shortcodes in its prepaid meter.

Shortcodes make it amazing. By dialing these shortcodes, consumers can easily know many preformatted things. In this article, I will try to give some important shortcodes with details and explain how to use them perfectly in the nick of time. 

BPDB Prepaid Meter Codes (2022 Updates)

Users can easily access predefined information on the meter by dialing 3 digits shortcodes. There are many codes for this meter. All of these are not used all the time as usual. So, we try to give some important shortcode details below.

BPDB Prepaid Meter Emergency Loan Code

In a different situation of a time like at midnight, users reach their consumption at the last level. Then they can activate their emergency load by dialing 811.

Prepaid Meter Emergency Balance Check Code

In short, the prepaid meter emergency balance code is 810.

It is important to know to check the emergency balance on the prepaid meter and therefore to take precautions for the last level of electricity. No problem, you can check the emergency balance easily by dialing 810. So, BPDB digital meter emergency balance code is 810.

BPDB Prepaid Meter Balance Check

Knowing the current balance on the prepaid meter; therefore, the consumer can take their next plan for buying electricity. Users can check their prepaid meter balance by dialing 801.

BPDB Prepaid Meter Number Check

At times we forget the number when we want to recharge the prepaid meter on the medium online because we can’t recharge this meter without its number. By dialing 804, consumers can easily check their prepaid meter number.

BPDB Prepaid Meter Helpline Number

There are no shortcodes on the prepaid meter to help consumers. Only consumers can call the official number or send mail to express their problems. BPDB’s official number and email address are given below.

  • Tel: 02-47120224, 02-47120225
  • Mobile: 01708-149502, 01708-149503
  • E-mail address: consumer.complain@bpdb.gov.bd

BPDB Prepaid Meter All Codes

On this blog site, you know all the details about the BPDB meter’s shortcodes and learn how to utilize them in your practical life.

BPDB prepaid meter all codes are here:

  • Date check code: 802
  • Time check code: 803
  • Meter number check code: 804
  • Meter condition check code: 807
  • Relay connection disconnect check code: 806
  • Present connected load check code: 808
  • Emergency credit start code: 811
  • Emergency balance check code: 810
  • Last day utility usages code: 813
  • Alarm sound off code: 812
  • Last recharge date check code: 815
  • Present month usages electricity check code: 814
  • Last recharge amount check code: 817
  • Last recharge time check code: 816
  • Electricity off time check code: 819
  • Last month electricity usages check code: 820
  • One month earlier electricity usages check code: 821
  • Two months earlier electricity usages check code: 822
  • Three months earlier electricity usages check code: 823
  • Four-month earlier electricity usages check code: 824
  • Five months earlier electricity usages check code: 825
  • Last recharge token number check code: 830
  • Top power load check code: 869
  • Phase current check code: 874
  • Phase voltage check code: 870
  • Phase power load check code: 877
  • Reverse power check code: 879
  • Monthly average usages check code: 881
  • Present TOU check code: 886
  • Presently used step tariff check code: 887
  • Balance check return token check code: 888
  • Present token serial number code: 889
  • Canceled token time check code: 890
  • Token take time check code: 891
  • Relay connection time check code: 892
  • Relay disconnect time check code: 893
  • Friendly mode maximum usages check code: 894
  • Friendly mode maximum use date check code: 895
  • Weekly holy day check code: 899
  • Friendly mode end time check code: 898
  • Step tariff 1 unit check code: 901
  • Friendly mode check code: 900
  • Step tariff 2 unit check code: 902
  • Step tariff 3 unit check code: 903
  • Step tariff 4 unit check code: 904
  • Step tariff 5 unit check code: 905
  • Step tariff 6 unit check code: 906
  • Step tariff 7 unit check code: 907
  • Step tariff 1 unit price check code: 908
  • Step tariff 2 unit price check code: 909
  • Step tariff 3 unit price check code: 910
  • Step tariff 4 unit price check code: 911
  • Step tariff 5 unit price check code: 912
  • Step tariff 6 unit price check code: 913
  • Step tariff 7 unit price check code: 914
  • Step tariff 8 unit price check code: 915
  • Less credit alarm level 1 code: 917
  • Less credit alarm level 2 code: 918
  • Less credit alarm level 3 code: 919
  • Usages holiday check code: 921
  • The present month used amount check code: 922
  • Last month used amount check code: 923
  • One month earlier used the amount check code: 924
  • Two months before using the amount check code: 925
  • Three months earlier used the amount check code: 926
  • Four-month earlier used amount check code: 927

If those codes don’t work, we request you to follow these codes:

  • Load: 007
  • Tariff Category: 018
  • Check Emergency Balance: 032
  • Used Emergency Balance: 039
  • Voltage: 052
  • Present Used Load (KW): 060
  • Total Kvar Reading: 083
  • Last Month Average Power Factor: 099
  • Present Month Used Unit (KW): 400
  • Present Month Used BDT: 413
  • Present Month Height Uses Unit: 470
  • Meter Indication Status: 008
  • Present Utility Rate: 019
  • Check Balance (Present Balance): 037
  • Power Factor: 051
  • Current (I): 055
  • Till now Total Import Current (KW): 081
  • Present Month Average Power Factor: 087
  • Most Recent Power Buy Amount: 200
  • Last Month Used Unit (kWh): 401
  • Last Month Used BDT: 414
  • Take Emergency Balance: 99999

BPDB Hexing Meter Other Important Codes

If you want to see more code about prepaid meters, look at this photo below.

BPDB Prepaid Meter Codes
Prepaid Meter Codes

The China Hexing Company supplies all the prepaid meters in Bangladesh. If the company updates any shortcodes in the future, then I will share the post on this blog. Read about hexing prepaid meter codes.

I tried to explain the shortcodes of prepaid meters on this block site. Now they can easily utilize shortcodes on their meter and share their experience with others. Thank you.


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