BPDB Prepaid Meter User Manual

BPDB Prepaid Meter User Manual For You

Let’s make everything clear about the BPDB Prepaid Meter user manual by reading this article. BPDB has recently launched prepaid meters. It works automatically with commanding some code. China Hexing company was created this amazing meter. Many people don’t properly know about this meter and how to use it.

For this reason, we are trying to give an idea about the manual use of BPDB prepaid meters. This article will help you know many things about the prepaid meter that you didn’t know before. So, read this blog and gather vast knowledge about the BPDB prepaid meter.

BPDB Prepaid Meter User Manual Description

The meter also looks white with an LCD, PLC/GPRS communication, optical port, AC power supply, 12 digit keypad, and a highly accurate measuring unit. Like, battery, MCU, measuring integrated circuit, memory, current sampling, voltage sampling, etc. This meter works on 70%Un~120%Un, which is a remake to 220V AC. The others characteristic of this meter is given below:

  • Frequency level (50±5)Hz
  • Current level 5(60)A
  • Accuracy level Cl 1.0 for kWh
  • Starting current 4‰Ib
  • Impulse constant Active: 1600 imp/kWh
  • Working temperature (Normal ): -25℃~+60℃
  • Working temperature (Extreme ): -40℃~+70℃
  • Humidity ≤95%
  • The voltage circuit power consumption is ≤1.5W, 10VA
  • The current circuit of power consumption is ≤1VA
  • Degrees of protection IP54
  • Fast transient burst 4kV
  • Contact discharge 8kV
  • Air discharge 15kV
  • Insulation 1 minute under 4kV, 50Hz
  • Impulse voltage 8 kV

The Calculation Process of the BPDB Prepaid Meter

In the range of 000000.00 to 999999.99kWh, the prepaid meter calculates forward and reverse. The calculation rules of the prepaid meter are given below:

  • Forward= forward + reverse
  • Reverse= reverse


Functions of the BPDB Prepaid Meter

BPDB prepaid meter has many functions to operate easily for its users and authority. The meter is hooked someone with a position of its suspension hanger. All of the functions are marked on the picture which is given below:



BPDB Prepaid Meter Diagram of DIN Connection

DIN refers to Deutsches Institut für Normung. The connection diagram is an output and input circuit whole. Two types of wires are connected with the device, L, and N. L means Load current, and N means Neutral current. N also means Earthing, and it contains negative charges. Electrons are discharged by the earthing wire (N) to the earth’s surface. So, the input circuit whole is connected to the main power, and the output circuit whole is connected to the user’s home or other organizations.

BPDB Prepaid Meter Full-screen Display

The visual height of the LCD is 21mm, and the weight is 67.5mm with a high-contrast anti-ultraviolet wide viewing angle. Each digit’s (big) height and weight are 8.4mm and 4.3mm. The display works from -30℃ to +80℃ temperature. The display picture is given below:

BPDB Prepaid Meter Display Items

The display items work automatically when the meter connects with the main load. The items persuade the condition of the meter’s activity to its users, and it is essential to know the signing meaning of the items. A picture is given below with the details of the items, and it helps to recognize the meaning of items signs.

The display also shows time, calendar, leap year. A 1200 mAh capacitive lithium battery is installed in the meter. When the power goes, the meter uses its battery to maintain RTC, LCD, and recording. The battery’s power duration is 3 to 5 years. Users can replace the battery because it is replaceable.

BPDB Prepaid Meter Key

There are 12 digits on the prepaid meter keypad. This is from 0 to 9, and 2 other keys. One is called the Back/Clear key, and another is called the Enter/Submit key.

BPDB Prepaid Meter GPRS Signal Strength Indicator

The range of the GPRS signal strength is given below. When the signal goes to the top, it means the signal is excellent, and when the signal goes its opposite, it means no signal. GPRS signal strength indicator details are given below with a picture.

Data Processing on BPDB Prepaid Meter

Critically, the prepaid meter calculates its consumption power. The whole of the way and the rules are given below for the users. I think users didn’t recognize the method of the prepaid meter data processing. Only engineers can recognize it.


BPDB Prepaid Meter Shortcodes

We try to provide the serial of shortcodes of the BPDB prepaid meter for the consumer’s purposes. Shortcodes make the meter user-friendly and work accurately. All of the prepaid meter shortcodes are given below:


Low Credit Alarm on BPDB Prepaid Meter

The two kinds of prepaid meter alarms are visual alarms and audio alarms. The alarm is critical for the user to avoid the inconvenience of power disconnection. When the meter has enough credit, the LED light is green. When the credit goes to less than the low credit, the alarm level is 1, and the LED light is red. When the credit goes to less than the low credit, then the alarm level goes to 2, and the LED light is red with blinking.

Note: Consumers can stop the audio alarms by dialing 812.

Caution About BPDB Prepaid Meter Usages

Prepaid meter becomes dangerous when unconsciously used it. Make sure children don’t touch it anymore and keep it out of reach of children. Set your prepaid meter in a dry place. Water can damages the meter with a short circuit and cause a conflagration. Don’t give an extra force to the button; press it smoothly. If the button doesn’t work, notice to the authority.

Completion of BPDB Prepaid Meter User Manual

Overall the prepaid meter works properly if it uses manually. The recharge system of the prepaid meter is amazing. It has many methods to recharge online. Buy 20 digits token number and dial it on the meter keyboard and enjoy tariff. Shortcodes are performed very well.

Users can easily access this meter with shortcodes. In the end, I have a request to all the prepaid meter users, don’t abuse your electricity without any reason and share your manual prepaid meter using experience with others. Thank you.


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