BREB Online Connection System

BREB Online Connection System: Palli Bidyut New Connection Online Process 2022

BREB online connection system is a little bit easy to apply for a new meter. BREB refers to Bangladesh Rural Electrification Board that is commonly known as Bangladesh Palli Biddutayon Board. Palli Bidyut provides electricity mostly to the local areas except for big cities.

BREB provides prepaid and postpaid electricity service to all businesses, commercial, housing, homes, offices, and industrial lines. This article has been written to ensure that anyone can get a new electricity line of BREB online by just following some straightforward steps. So, let’s read about BREB new connection online apply process.

Who Are BREB?

Bangladesh Rural Electrification Board or BREB is Bangladesh’s largest power distribution organization; BREB is the primary power distribution sector. Palli Biddut or Rural Electrification board covers the only local area, not big cities.

They cover all the 461 Upazila on-grid under 100% electrification. BREB Was Established in 1977. BREB commenced its activities in January 1978.

What Is A New Connection?

A new connection means connecting a new result pointer to a sub-network. That means connecting new power lines to your home, office, or any business area. You can apply for Palli Bidyut New Connection going BREB service office nearby or can apply online.

Before taking a new connection to rural electricity, we should first decide what our line will be given for.  There are different types of connections in lines that are connected.

  1. Residential New Connection
  2. Commercial New Connection
  3. Industry New Connection
  4. Irrigation New Connection
  5. Office
  6. Road Side/Charging Connection

Get A New Connection: BREB Online Connection System

As I mentioned earlier, we can apply for a BREB New connection to the place we are willing to; we can do it online without going to the service office. But applying online needs to follow proper procedure.

Firstly you need to choose the connection type and follow the process described here below. VISIT THIS LINK. Fill the form with valid information. In the form, you have to provide information about:

  • Details of The Power Office: Zonal office, nearest BREB office name.
  • Connection Type: Choose connection type (e.g., LT-A Residential)
  • Applicant Details: Your details, including name, father’s name, mother’s name, etc.
  • Permanent Address: Write your permanent address where you live.
  • Details of Proposed Power Connection Site.
  • Geographic Information.
  • Details of the Connection.
  • Load Amount.
  • Demanded Load.
  • Home/organization location and comments (Bangla).
  • Upload photos, national identity cards, and rejections.

BREB Online Connection Application Form

BREB’s new connection online application system is easy to access for everyone. You have to visit the official website. There they have the application form. All you need to do is to fill the form with valid information.

The information they have asked is your identity, connection type, expected load information, area information. Here I’ll add screenshots of the form and also will add the application link for your convenience.

BREB Online Connection Application Form

BREB Online Connection System

Palli Bidyut New Connection

Apply For BREB New Connection

List Of Documents For Palli Bidyut New Electricity Connection

Firstly, make sure that you have already provided all the valid information in the application form. I’d like to add a list of the papers and documents they ask for the new connection for your convenience. All these documents you need to add with the form; you’ll see an option to add all of it.

1. National Identity Card/Producers One copy passport size photo (Photo size: personal-300*300=150Kb, NID: 600*475=300Kb, Dismissed/Kharij: 600*475=300Kb)
2. Distance of service drop (distance of service pole from the junction) should be within 130 feet.
3. If the total load is more than 50 kW, the rules of HT connection will be applicable.
4. Document of ownership of the land where the house/residence will take the meter, certificate of inheritance if the 5. original owner is not present.
6. Copy of paid bill with previous connection (no new document is required for further connection in the same name or place).
7. Fire extinguishing certificate in case of the multi-story building (more than 10 stories).
8. The fields marked in red (*) must be filled in the application form.
9. Provide the customer’s own mobile number in the application form.

BREB New Connection Payment Through Rocket Mobile Banking

Paying for the new Palli Bidyut connection, you can complete the payment through DBBL Rocket Mobile banking online or using USSD. After submitting the application form, you will get a tracking ID and PIN. Don’t forget to save the ID and PIN. It will need to pay the connection bill.

Payment For BREB New Connection Through USSD

To pay Palli Bidyut’s new connection bill via USSD from your Rocket account, dial *322# and reply 1, payment option. Then reply 1 to pay the bill. Go to self-bill payment, write your tracking ID, write your name as a reference, add the amount you will pay, enter your Rocket PIN, and you are done. Isn’t it too easy?

Payment Though Rocket App

Payment through the Rocket app is easier than dialing USSD to pay BREB’s new connection online bill. Here is an image is given below with all the steps and processes you need to follow. Make sure you have the Tracking ID and PIN you have got after submitting the application form.

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All were about the new connection of BREB and how you can apply for a new connection online. BREB provides both Prepaid Meter and Postpaid Meter. Make sure first which service you want. If you face any problem applying for Palli Bidyut’s new connection, write a comment, we are here to help you as soon as possible.

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