Corona Effect

Complete Guide To Corona Effect! What Is Corona Effect?

The term Corona Effect refers to the phenomenon in the transmission system. Corona Effect is a term used to describe the phenomenon of the faint glow of violet color, hissing noise, and the production of ozone gas. It is most often seen in between two conductors of a transmission line. It is also called corona discharge.

The Corona Effect phenomenon occurs mainly in electrical transmission and distribution lines. The phenomenon results from electrical charges building up on the surface of insulating materials due to the ionization of surrounding air by corona discharge, which streams away from conductors and deposits on other surfaces.

Corona Effect In Details

Corona Effect is a degradation of the transmission line in which corona discharges separate, elongate, and merge on a conductor surface. Corona effects are caused by localized high electric field intensities and generate intense light emissions (Plasma).

Corona Effect
Corona Effect

The phenomenon occurs on a conductor surface of any insulated current-carrying medium, e.g., transmission line, power cable, bus bar, etc. Corona Effect usually leads to overheating the electrical insulator and propagation of arc discharge between two conductors (wire to wire or ground).

Corona discharges may generate intensive light emission directly from the conductor surface, causing critical visual voltage and inducing flashover.

Corona Effect On Power Transmission Line

The Corona Effect is in the electrical transmission line, as the alternating current moves through the conductor corridors and produces a spark between the conductors. This phenomenon may affect power transmission lines, network equipment, and regular upset operations.

It may also cause fire or explosion hazards. Corona Effect is caused by the electrostatic discharge (ESD) phenomenon because it is not subject to the conductivity of circuit components, the wind speed, density of air, terminal voltage (critical voltage), the distance, and height of towers, etc., affect its occurrence.

Corona Effect in transmission line
Corna Effect In Power Transmission Line

Corona Effect In High Voltage Transmission

Corona or corona discharge is the electrostatic phenomenon responsible for forming a luminous glow discharge around high-voltage transmission lines in the atmosphere.

The corona discharge is detectable by human eyes as a whitish puff near sharp points and edges of high voltage conductors; by use of special instruments, even very small discharges can be detected at voltages in power transmission lines.

When To Consider Corona Effect

When insulators are clean, the most common problem is the Corona effect. It occurs when a voltage difference exists between the conductor and insulator surfaces. Corona is evident as a luminous or fluorescent glow on or around the insulation.

This action is called corona discharge or corona phenomenon. Corona can cause deterioration in insulation properties due to chemical changes in the polymers that make up insulation materials.

Finally, the corona effect affects power lines, causing arcing that can lead to significant damage and devastating failures. That’s why it’s critical to know how to prevent the corona results.


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