Current Transformer Circuit Diagram

Current Transformer Circuit Diagram Drawing

Are you looking for a Current Transformer circuit diagram? The current transformer is a type of instrument transformer used to measure the output voltage and to step down the current value considerably from primary to secondary and is also used for protection.

Design of Current Transformer Circuit

There are several kinds of current transformers as the uses of its purposes. Current transformers are mainly classified into two types. One is Indoor current transformers, and the other is Outdoor current transformers.

Outdoor current transformers are divided into Measurement and Protection current transformers. The whole of these kinds of transformers circuit diagram is almost the same. Here all of these circuits are working through the principle of Np/Ns=Vp/Vs=Is/Ip.

The meaning of this equation values are:

  • Np= Number of Primary Turns
  • Ns= Number of Secondary Turns
  • Vp= Primary Voltage
  • Vs= Secondary Voltage
  • Is= Primary Current
  • Ip= Secondary Current
Design of Current Transformer Circuit
Current Transformer Circuit Diagram

The core of these transformers is a ring-type that is wounded with the insulated copper wires, called secondary windings. A primary load conductor sets inside the ring-windings connected with the load.


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