Current Transformer Equation

Current Transformer Equation Learning

The current transformer decreases the voltage from the primary terminal to the secondary terminal. The primary windings are more significant than the secondary windings. The value of currents is the same for both sides.

Equation of Current Transformer

The current transformer works on the principle of Electromagnetic induction (EMI). The turns number of coils can make voltage differences between the primary and the secondary terminals.

It operates through the principle of Np/Ns=Vp/Vs=Is/Ip. From the equation, Np and Ns are proportional to each other. And the Vp, Vs, Is, Ip each other are the same as Np and Ns.

Current Transformer Equation
Current Transformer Equation

We can measure the voltage through the current transformer, and we can also measure the efficiency of the current transformer from the transformer equations. So, it is very important to know the equation of transformer which is given above. It can help count the output voltage and working ability of the current transformer.


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