Current Transformer Uses

Current Transformer Uses In Different Sector

There are different types of current transformers we use for various purposes. The current transformers are vastly used in power plants, power grid stations, powerhouses, industries, control rooms, and many other industries. Moreover, it is used for electrical energy measurement, analysis, metering, and protection purposes.

Current Transformer
Current Transformer Structure

Use of Current Transformer

The current transformer is used to measure the current. Moreover, the power grid stations, powerhouses, industries, control rooms are monitored with this type of transformer. Below are some notable uses:

  • Converting high low voltage to low voltage
  • Measure high voltage
  • Protecting & analyzing electrical devices and circuits
  • Revenue metering

Current transformers are used for different uses. It can measure a single phase of more than 200 amperes. Current transformers are widely used to increase accuracy, overload performance.


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