Current Transformer Voltage

Current Transformer Voltage Study

Learn current transformer voltage from this article. The current transformer is a type of instrument transformer. It is used to measure larges values of voltage or current by converting the voltage or current to low and protecting other voltage-sensitive instruments.

The Voltage of Current Transformer

The primary winding of a current transformer connects with the AC power source, and the current transformer’s output (secondary winding) connects with the load. The current transformer is used for various purposes. The primary voltage of the transformer is greater than the secondary voltage.

And the current is the same in the primary and the secondary windings. Turn number of the coils mainly makes the difference between the two windings. A law of principle does the whole measuring the voltage to the current transformer. Which is Np/Ns=Vp/Vs=Is/Ip.

Current Transformer
Current Transformer

The current transformer helps to measure the voltage from the high voltage source. If the primary voltage is 1500 volts, the secondary voltage is 110. The output range of the voltage in the current transformer is 10 to 120 volts.


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