Current Transformer Working Principle

Current Transformer Working Principle Understanding

The current transformers are used to step down the output voltage and protect from unwanted disasters of electricity. Current transformers are the types of instrument transformers. The design and the working process of this transformer are straightforward. This blog describes the working principle of the current transformer.

Working Principle of a Current Transformer

There are two kinds of current transformers. The main two types of transformers are classified into many types. All of these transformers’ operating principles are based on electromagnetic induction. The transformer has two windings. One is primary windings, and the other is secondary windings.

An external (AC) voltage is supplied to the primary winding resulting in a magnetic circuit around the coil, perpendicular to the current. The secondary winding is connected to the voltmeter through which the output value of the voltage is obtained.

Current Transformer
Current Transformer

The transformer is a static device that can work restlessly. It has high working efficiency that can make it amazing. The current transformer works with Np/Ns=Vp/Vs=Is/Ip.


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