DPDC (Dhaka Power Distribution Company)

DPDC (Dhaka Power Distribution Company) Overview

DPDC (Dhaka Power Distribution Company Limited) is an organization under the Power Division of the Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources, Government of Bangladesh. DPDC is an electricity supplying company.

On the Companies Act 1994, DPDC was established on 25 October 2005 as a public limited company and start its commercial activities on 1 July 2008 in the Dhaka city corporation area of 350 squire kilometers (approx). The company wants to make sustainable power supply all over its consumer within 2021. October 2016

History Of DPDC: Dhaka Power Distribution Company

Four hundred years ago, Dhaka was built on the bank of the Buriganga River. Dhaka and Naraynganj are known as the Eastern Dundee for industrial areas all over the world. So it needs electric power. DESA was born to enlighten this social culture, historical and economic important areas.

In continuation of DESA, Dhaka Power Distribution Company (DPDC) was formed on 15 October 2005 with the most area of Dhaka city and Naraynganj. Its activities began to limit in size in 2007. Through the 40th ordinance of 2008, DESA was extinction, and the dependable power-lighted customer started with this slogan and certification of DPDC’s commercial program.

DPDC started the journey with the 3221-kilometer line of the descript and old power system with six lakhs 55 thousand 908 consumers. The power line stands at 4960 kilometers by modernizing, and consumers have increased to 10 lakh 50 thousand.

About Dhaka Power Distribution Company Limited

DPDC is a power distribution company in Dhaka and Naraynganj area. The head office of DPDC is in Dhaka. With the giving of continuous electricity service, DPDC also takes part a position to our national development. For this reason, it is essential to know about Dhaka Power Distribution Company. Readers can see the DPDC’s details at a glance in the blog below.

  • Website: https://dpdc.org.bd/
  • Industries: Electricity Distribution
  • Headquarters: Dhaka, Bangladesh.
  • Type: Government Agency
  • Company size: 1001-5000 employees
  • Founded: 25 October 2005
  • DPDC NAICS code: 22,221
  • DPDC SIC code: 49
  • Hotline: 16116
  • Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh.

DPDC Administration Panel

By the presidential ordinance, the parliament of Bangladesh announced the gazette of impartial freedom of energy regulatory commission act on 13 March 2003. According to the ordinance, the president has decided and reserved all rights on the Dhaka Power Distribution Company Limited (DPDC) authority. The company is obliged to maintain all of the activities subordinating the gazette. Just click here to read the gazette.

DPDC Distribution Area

DPDC is providing electricity service under BREB. Shyamoli, Shrebangla Nagar, Tejgaon industrial area, Rampura bridge to Balu river are under DPDC’s service. Also, the Buriganga river to the south, to the west are the Turag, and Buriganga rivers from the Gabtali bus terminal are the primary distribution area under DPDC.

DPDC All Services

Dhaka is one of the biggest megacities all over the world. Almost 1.5 core people live in this city. A vast number of people are using electricity in this city. The power distribution company DPDC supplied electricity among the vast people and acquired a remarkable service in Dhaka.

The company always tries to find out an easy way for the consumers. This time, the company committed to giving online and offline services to make users’ lives more accessible and comfortable. Now this time, users tend to online media.

DPDC Online Services

According to the consumer’s purposes to check bill information, bill payment, prepaid meter recharge, apply for a new connection, give any objection, and the online system can do other procedures. The system saves money, valuable time, and protection from harassment.

  • Online Bill Check
  • Bill Payment Online
  • Prepaid Meter Recharge
  • Apply For a New Connection
  • Complain

DPDC Offline services

Through the DPDC notified banks or other organizations, customers can do all of its works like recharge prepaid meters, make payments, apply for a new connection/disconnection, submit any objections, and others procedures. But the process is very lengthy, troublesome, boring, and time-wasting.

DPDC always tries to ensure the user’s needs. Dhaka is an industrial area, so it needs a continuous supply of electricity, and the company takes a far-reaching plan to increase its power to provide electricity continuously.  People can be played an important role in DPDC’s development by using electricity properly.

DPDC Job Advantages

DPDC has various job vacancies. Recently DPDC has published a job circular for IT Manager. You will get that job circular on their official website if you want to apply for this position. DPDC runs under the Ministry of Power, Energy, and Mineral Resources. This is a government-controlled company. Getting a chance for a job in DPDC is great.

The whole of the blog tries to give authentic information about DPDC. If you want to know about other electricity subsidiaries in Bangladesh, then you visit our website. Stay with us and share your experience with others. Thank you.


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