DPDC Prepaid Meter Codes

DPDC Prepaid Meter Codes For You (Updated 2022)

DPDC Prepaid Meter Codes: The prepaid meter is amazing for its shortcodes. It saves us from trouble and wasting time, and many other obstacles. So, it is essential to know what the code is and use it for its consumer. In this blog, we try to give the details about all of the shortcodes of the DPDC prepaid meter for readers’ purposes.

DPDC Prepaid Meter Token

DPDC prepaid meter token check code is available here. You can check the present serial number of the token by dialing 889. DPDC prepaid token important codes are here:

  • DPDC prepaid token serial number dial 889
  • Validity of the token dial 890
  • Time of the token when utilizing¬†dial 891

DPDC Prepaid Meter Codes List

Checking prepaid meter current balance and emergency balance is not a big deal nowadays. You can check all thing by dialing just some code. Here in this blog, some important DPDC prepaid meter shortcodes are given below:

      • Take emergency balance dial 00
      • Current balance dial 801
      • Stop audio alarm dial 812
      • Uses of present month electricity dial 814
      • Previous recharge date dial 815
      • Previous recharge time dial 816
      • Amount of the last dial recharge 817
      • Uses an amount of the previous month’s electricity dial 820
      • Before the present month, the power consumption dial code is 821
      • Before the previous month’s power consumption dial code is 822
      • Three months ago, the power consumption code was 823
      • Before five months ago, the power consumption code was 825
      • Last recharge token number dial 830
      • Value of present tariff dial 886
      • Present token serial number dial 889
      • Time of the token when utilizing dial 891
      • Uses of the present month amount dial 922
      • Uses of the previous month’s amount dial 923
      • Face voltage dial 870
      • Face current dial 874

If those codes don’t work, we request you to follow these codes:

  • Load: 007
  • Tariff Category: 018
  • Check Emergency Balance: 032
  • Used Emergency Balance: 039
  • Voltage: 052
  • Present Used Load (KW): 060
  • Total Kvar Reading: 083
  • Last Month Average Power Factor: 099
  • Present Month Used Unit (KW): 400
  • Present Month Used BDT: 413
  • Present Month Height Uses Unit: 470
  • Meter Indication Status: 008
  • Present Utility Rate: 019
  • Check Balance (Present Balance): 037
  • Power Factor: 051
  • Current (I): 055
  • Till now, Total Import Current (KW): 081
  • Present Month Average Power Factor: 087
  • Most Recent Power Buy Amount: 200
  • Last Month Used Unit (kWh): 401
  • Last Month Used BDT: 414
  • Take Emergency Balance: 99999

Other DPDC Important Codes

I think you are using DPDC prepaid meter. If you need more codes, you find them in the picture. All the codes are available in the image given below:

DPDC Prepaid Meter Codes

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I think this shortcode will help the prepaid meter users. Although users have faced a few problems, you should inform the authority if you recognize any fault or meter didn’t work properly. I am sure, using these shortcodes, you must get a better experience. Share it with others. Thank you.


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