DPDC Prepaid Meter Recharge Online

Some years ago, DPDC (Dhaka Power Distribution Company) had announced prepaid meters for its users. Users can use the amount of electricity as they want by the prepaid meter. The meter works with some shortcodes, and this makes it amazing. The main aim is to make DPDC prepaid meter recharge process online clear to our visitors. Continue reading…

How DPDC Prepaid Meter Recharge Online Works

DPDC prepaid meter recharge system of this is also mind-blowing because it’s super easy. Consumers can recharge it anywhere, anytime online, without going to the bank or their office. The company also released the master card recharging prepaid meter to bring an extra advantage for the consumers. Now I try to give some online methods of its recharge.

DPDC Prepaid Meter Recharge Through bKash

Consumers can pay their DPDC bills by using the bKash mobile banking system. Follow these steps to pay your bill easily:

bKash (App)

  • Open the bKash app and select Pay bill.
  • Tap on the Electricity icon and scroll down.
  • Select DPDC (prepaid).
  • Tap on the sample icon to knowing the customer ID number, then types customer number and contact number.
  • Type a reference name. (as your wish)
  • Give recharge amount.
  • Check your bill information.
  • Type bKash account PIN.
  • Ensure to pay the bill tap and hold the button which is below the screen.
  • After some time later receives a confirmation message.

bKash (USSD)

  • Dial *247#
  • Tap 6 for selecting Pay bill.
  • Type 1 for Electricity (prepaid).
  • Enter 3 for selecting DPDC (prepaid).
  • Type 2 for make payment.
  • Type 1 for selecting account number.
  • Input 8 digit account number. (which is on your smart card)
  • Enter contact number.
  • Enter amount.
  • See the summary of the payment.
  • Enter bKash PIN.
  • Get a confirmation SMS.

DPDC Prepaid Meter Recharge By Rocket

It is straightforward to recharge DPDC prepaid meter by Rocket. The following steps are given below:

Rocket (App)

  • Log in Rocket app.
  • Select DPDC (prepaid).
  • Type DPDC account number and amount.
  • Press Validate option.
  • Enter Rocket PIN.
  • Receive a confirmation message SMS.

Rocket (USSD)

  • Type *322#
  • Type 1 for Pay bill.
  • Type 1/2 for self/other. (If you recharge your own meter, then type 1)
  • Type 3 for DPDC.
  • Type 1 for the Prepaid meter.
  • Enter DPDC account number.
  • Enter amount.
  • Type Rocket PIN.
  • Immediately get a Confirmation SMS.

DPDC Prepaid Meter Recharge Using GPay wallet

It is straightforward to recharge prepaid meters through GPay wallet. At first, recharge your wallet, then follow the steps to recharge the prepaid meter.

  • Install GPay app.
  • Tap on the Electricity icon.
  • Select DPDC (prepaid).
  • Give meter number and amount.
  • Enter GPay wallet PIN and tap submit button.
  • Some time later receives a confirmation message.

NB: The consumer can also recharge prepaid meters with their master card. 

All of these methods are very simple and easier to pay prepaid meter bills at any time anywhere. Use this as you like best and share your experience with others. Thank you.


About the Author: Mehedi Hasan

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