Electric Elevator Buying Guide: Things You Should Consider

Electric Elevator Buying Guide: Things You Should Consider

If you want to buy Electric Elevator, this article is for you. This is a must-read article before buying an Elevator. You need only 5 minutes, understand your purchase will be easy. Here are some important facts about elevator purchasing. Elevator technology has undergone major changes in the last few years. It will be easier for you to decide to buy a lift if you keep some things in mind before buying a lift.

Electric Elevator Buying Guide For You

Here are some tips about buying Electric Elevator. It would be best to consider all the tips below before buying an Elevator. So continue reading toward the next.

Elevator Cabin

304 Great Sheet Cabin is most considerable. People usually think of cabins as “lifts,” so the cabin must conform to the standard design; for commercial or various residential buildings, it is important to have a 304-grade sheet with a thickness of 1.5 mm of stainless steel because it is long-lasting. Although the cabin is not important for an elevator’s performance, its design is important for attracting people. And make sure the cabin is powdered.

Traction Machine/Motor

Be sure that Elevator has a Traction Motor mechanism. The traction machine (motor) plays a very important role in lift movement; it is operated according to the inverter’s commands (controller). This motor must be of good quality, so you should know the model, the motor’s capacity, and the brand’s name from the supplier, helping you to make the right decision.

Control System

Every part of the elevator is very important, but the control system plays the most important role in it; it controls the elevator cabin’s movement, the movement of the motor, and everything that stops, so a good quality controller will keep your elevator movement smooth and long-lasting.

Before buying a lift, you must know the controller’s original brand name and whether it is available in the market or not; it is important to see if there is a skilled workforce in Bangladesh. Otherwise, your maintenance cost will be increased.

Guide Rail Counter-Weight

Guide Rail Counter must be a size of 16 ml. Ensure the brackets are fitted every 5 feet at the Gail Rail Counter-weight and see if the anchors are not the original china brand.

Automatic Voltage Stabilizer

It is very urgent and profitable. If the voltage drops, you must take 20k BA three-phase to keep your lift running with the right voltage supply.

ARD Automatic Power Supply

Whether you have a generator in your house or not, it is very important to have ARD. If any passengers are inside the cabin and the power shuts down, the door will closed automatically after releasing the passenger, so it is very important.

Safety Devices

There is some safety mechanism in the lift. Bumper Spring, Overload Signal, Safety gear, Cabin Chain Safety, Alarm Safety, Intercom Safety, Electrical Fault Alarm Safety, Speed ​​Governor, One Level Switch Limit CC camera; be sure all those safety devices are available in the Elevator you are buying.

Door Operator

The door operator is the device that works to open and close the door. This device acts like a motor and controller, so you have to know its original brand name and confirm the order knowing its performance.

Project Visit

The company you will buy the Elevator must visit the running project and decide to know the visited project owners’ feedback. In that case, you will see the LC Documents/Bill Copy as per the commitment and execute the contract of handing over the product accordingly.

Installation and After-sales Service

Purchase guaranteed quality products with installation and good service. Because if you buy a lift with a huge cost, and if its installation is not good and after-sales service is not good, you will never be satisfied with buying the Elevator.

Office Visit

Visit the office to check the capacity of the lift company or supplier and skilled workforce. Otherwise, you may suffer after ordering the lift.

Contract & Warranty/Guarantee

In our country, Elevator companies or sellers provide a two-year service guarantee. They will fix all the problems that happen with your Elevator. Execute the contract with the seller by confirming the lift order if you are satisfied with the latest verification and selection.

Of course, before confirming the Elevator, include all the information about the Elevator warranty/guarantee/free service with the purchase agreement as per the commitment.

So if you don’t want to regret buying Elevator, you must consider everything here. Talk with an expert before buying your Elevator.


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