Electric Prepaid Meter In Bangladesh

Electric Prepaid Meter In Bangladesh | Electricity Prepaid Metering

This article discusses prepaid electric meter BD, electric prepaid meter codes, and prepaid electric metering in Bangladesh. We usually see postpaid meters as mostly residential connections, small businesses, industries, and different rural areas. But prepaid meters are also allowed to those connected by BREB, BPDB, DESCO, NESCO, etc.

The most common difference between prepaid and postpaid meters is about paying bills. In the postpaid metering system, we pay the bill based on our usages unit of electricity. In the prepaid metering system, we pay our electricity bill before using it according to the electricity bill per unit; we need to buy the load and use it.

For the radical test, the Government launched a prepaid meter in 2017 in Bangladesh. Most of the People in Bangladesh are don’t know how to use the prepaid meter. Like, how to top up, find the last token number, quest shortcode for balance, and many more. If you read the article, you will know the hinted above details.

What Is Electricity Prepaid Meter?

In ten years in the developing world, the electricity demand is expected to grow dramatically. The governments and utility companies take some strategic steps to distribute the power. The prepaid billing system is one of these strategic steps in which a customer is charged for consumption before usage. Across the developing world, prepaid electricity metering is on the rise position.

Types Of Electric Prepaid Meter In Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, BUET designed various types of electric prepaid meters. This meter is more beneficial than other analog meters. Below, describe the kind of variety of electric prepaid meters.

  • Integrated Single Phase (ISP) meter.
  • Integrated Three Phase (ITP) meter.
  • Split Single Phase (SSP) meter, etc.

How Does Prepayment Meter Works?

Prepayment meter works the ‘pay as you go’ bill process. The customer can consume as much money as they recharge. The prepayment meter is used in low voltage connections. The meter has four connection points.

The first two (according to the left side) of the point are connected with the AC (alternative current) lines, and another two are connected with the load. When prepayment meter recharge, it access to supply electricity to the load points.

Electricity Prepaid Metering
Electricity Prepaid Metering

How to Read the Prepayment Meter?

The prepayment meter reading is very easy. The first time it would be weird to the new consumer. The company provided a manual book that explained how to control or manage this meter. This book offers some shortcodes. It will help the consumer to know more about the meter.

Advantage Of Prepaid Meter

Now this time, many people in Bangladesh are using electricity. Many companies distribute electricity by their own method. The electric prepaid meter method is one of them. Both customers and companies are benefited from using the electric prepaid meters.

Customers Benefit: Prepaid meters are more user-friendly and transparent; people can control their own expense and budget, no controversy with bill payment, disconnection, reconnection, no minimum charge required, and deposit.

Prepaid metering also helps control disputed bills, the standard electricity billing rate because the user gets a 2% discount. When credit goes below, then users get an emergency credit. Protect abnormal voltage and automatically keep a record.

Company’s Benefit: In the prepaid metering process, electricity providers get a direct payment, improved cash flow, non-technical losses are decreased, no meter reading or billing, increased revenue, ensure tamper protection, non-allowance of over sanctioned load, control load management, and ensure better customer service.

Advantages of Prepayment Meter:

  • Quickly know the details about the credit and uses
  • Recharge anytime at any place through the mobile banking system
  • Take emergency balance
  • Prevent unexpected bills

Postpaid meters allow the consumers o keep records automatically and build up a power-saving attitude.

Disadvantage Of Prepaid Meter

No doubt a prepaid meter is helpful, but it has some restrictions. For this reason, its implementation was hampered. So, we need to know what’s the restriction it has. Now some disadvantage of prepaid meter is given below:

  • A prepaid meter is more expensive and difficult to install and control than other meters.
  • All the time, keep some balance in the account. Otherwise, the service gets turned off.
  • When the account runs out of balance, the service gets turned off without little notice.
  • When the weather is hotter outside, then top up the meter.
  • .Top-up system is very inconvenient. (especially when it’s cold)
  • To keep energy in good enough, ensure the meter will always be full in credit. If it is not, the supply might turn off.
  • If someone loses one’s top-up card, then needs to order a new one, and it might charge some money. Also, it was very troublesome.
  • In winter, this meter usually top-up a little more.
  • If someone goes away for a few days to go home, ensure top-up in advance. Because it covers all types of standing charges and makes sure, the energy stays on (like fridge or freezer).

Digital Electric Prepaid Meter Emergency Code

Nowadays, the prepaid meter is very useable and replaced with a postpaid meter in fewer homes in town. The most important features are just as much to use as the bill. So, It is important to know many things about a prepaid meter to get a better experience with it. Now some essential codes of prepaid meters are given below:

Electricity Prepayment Meter Codes
Electricity Prepayment Meter Codes

Prepaid Meter Balance Check Code in Bangladesh

To check the prepaid meter balance, dial 801. If you want to check the emergency balance of your prepaid meter, you have to dial 810. All these codes are used as Palli Bidyut prepaid meter codes. I hope these will be helpful for you.

  • Prepaid meter balance check code 801
  • Prepaid meter emergency balance check code 810

Other Electric Prepaid Meter Codes

Prepaid Meter recharge code and some other codes that will be helpful for your prepaid meter are here below. These codes are given below:

  • Find out the connected load dial 869
  • To check the prepaid meter number, dial 804
  • To get the present load, dial 808
  • To off alarm dial 812
  • To Know the previous recharge time and date, dial 816
  • To know the token number, dial 830
  • To active prepaid meter emergency balance, dial 811 (50 BDT)

How To TOP-UP Electric Prepaid Meter

Electric prepaid meter recharge or top-up is important because we pay out utility bills following this process. There are many ways to top up an electric meter. Like, mobile banking, bank, wallet, etc.

Mobile banking is the most popular and user-friendly for all of the methods. Two ways of top-up methods on the mobile banking system are available. One is manual, like dialing, and another is application. Two of the application is best. Banking systems are also helpful. Nowadays, Nexus pay, City touch, IBBL smart, etc., are prevalent methods for a top-up.

Final Words

An electricity prepayment meter is a benefactor for the power distribution system if it uses perfectly. Although it has some restrictions, it brings a new experience to its users. In the near future, all non-prepayment meters should be transformed into prepayment meters.

The prepaid metering system is becoming very popular in Bangladesh. It is effortless to use, although it has some problems. Authority works to solve the problem. Some special dialing code makes it easier to use. Top up system is very jealous then other metering systems. Both customers and companies are benefited from using this meter.


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