Electrical A B C License BD

Electrical A B C License BD: Bangladesh Electrical Licensing Board License

For a diploma engineer or an electrician, an Electrical ABC license is much more important than we think it is. If someone has a 6-month training certificate or has a diploma in electrical engineering certificate on his hand, for joining a company as an electrician, he must need an ABC license which is also important for contracting works. This article is about Bangladesh Electrical licensing board details, including ABC license criteria.

Bangladesh Electrical License Board

Bangladesh Electrical License Board works under the Ministry of Power, Energy, and Mineral Resources (MPEMR) of Bangladesh. They provide an electrical license that helps any diploma engineer, the person who has experience in electrical wiring.

There are a total of 3 license categories they provide. All those are known as A B C or Ka Kha Ga category. Bangladesh Electrical Licensing Board is located at 24, Topkhana Road, Jyotsna Complex, 5th and 6th floor, Dhaka-1000.

What is ABC (A, B, C License) License?

For an issued electrical technician, supervisory, and contracting for electric wiring design, a license is a must need, controlled under the Ministry of Power, Energy, and Minerals of Bangladesh. This license is called an electrical ABC license.

Advantages Of Having A B C License

At present, the license plays an important role in employment. Some reputable organizations give preference to licensees. Any contracting business (electrical, mechanical, civil, chemical) can be managed if there is a contracting license, and such license can be leased to different individuals or organizations.

For electrical works, Bangladesh Electrical Licencing Board provides an ABC license. If you don’t have an A or B, or C license, you will not be able for a house or industry wiring contractor.

License Category

ABC license is to be applied in these three categories A, B, and C. Questions will be asked about three different topics in three categories for your license. In these three license categories, you can have all. But you must have at least one license, A or B or C. Let’s see what you can do with this license.

C Category

C category is for Low Range Voltage (up to 220 V). That means, if you have a C category license, you can work in the low range voltage line like house wiring or small shop or market. They will ask you questions about the electrical house wiring in the viva board for the Category C license.

Category B

Category B is for Medium-Range voltage (220 V to 440 V). If you have a category C and B license, you will work in low-range and medium-range voltage. For the C category license, the questions are based on electrical automation and industrial control: motor, relay, timer, conductor, breaker, etc.

Category A

Electrical A category license is the superpower in the Bangladesh Electricity department. Someone who has all those ABC category licenses, they will be allowed to any voltage range line. A category is for especially High-Range Voltage (440 V to High Voltage). Questions in the viva board for the A category are based mainly on Electrical sub-stations, transformers, etc., power stations,s, and sub-station-related.

Note: All the licenses are serial-wise from C to A. You can apply for just C, BC, or ABC. For B and A, you must have a category C license first.

ABC License Application Process 2022

The application form has to be downloaded from the Ministry of Power, Energy, and Minerals’ visitor website. First, you have to deposit money in Sonali Bank with the invoice number for the application. You have to submit a copy of the completed application form + bank draft, + necessary paperwork directly to the license board.

Examination Rules

  • Electricians can apply for an ABC license in (2 times) March and October. This is for electricians only.
  • Supervisors and Contractors can apply in (2 times) June and December. This is only for Engineering Certificate holders (Diploma or B.Sc.).

However, if the supervisor’s license is not completed, the contractor’s license cannot be applied for.
Only oral and practical examinations are taken. Two tests are taken at the same time on the same day.

Must have practical knowledge about all the subjects to prepare for the exam. In the viva board, the examinee will be asked about all the topics given below:

  • Electrical House Wiring.
  • Motor (DOL, Star-Delta, Reverse-Forward controlling diagram connect).
  • Sub Station (P.F.I., HT & LT panel).
  • Switchgear.
  • Circuit Breaker (MCB, MCCB, RCCB, ACB, VCB & SF6 etc.).
  • Earth Tester
  • Generator
  • Transformer
  • Basic Question of Transmission & Distribution.
  • Relay, Timer
  • Power Factor Meter
  • Safety Devices
  • Instruments used in Electrical Line (Me-gar Meter, Power Factor Meter, Clip-on Meter, etc.)
  • Generation, Transmission & Distribution of Electrical Power in Bangladesh.

Electrical ABC Licensing Board Contact

To contact the Electrical ABC Licensing Board for any problem, you can call their contact number or visit the physical office. The main office of Electrical Adviser and Chief Electrical Inspector and Electricity Licensing Board location:

  • 24, Topkhana Road, Jyotsna Complex,
  • 5th and 6th floor, Dhaka-1000.

Contact Numbers:

  • Electrical Advisor & Chief Electrical Inspector: 02-6110406
  • Electricity License Board: 02-6110406
  • Fuel Monitoring Cell: 02-956564
  • Fax: 02-955048

Get your licensing exam result 2022

For electrical work like a contract for house wiring or industrial work as a technician, 4-10 years of work experience is needed. When someone doesn’t have that long experience, if they have an ABC license, that will be enough instead of long-term experience.

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