Electromagnetic Voltage Transformer

Electromagnetic Voltage Transformer Details

An electromagnetic voltage transformer is one kind of voltage transformer. It can convert the primary voltage to secondary voltage by electromagnetic induction. It works like a step-up transformer.

The secondary windings are more significant than the primary windings. This kind of transformer used to change the voltage does not add other electrical components like capacitors.

Electromagnetic Voltage Transformer
Electromagnetic Voltage Transformers

Definition Electromagnetic Voltage Transformer

An electromagnetic voltage transformer is a transformer that is used to measure high voltage, sustaining an accurate voltage ratio, and makes compatible with other electrical instruments of 0.3 percent error parallelogram on its accuracy by primary and secondary windings.

Its works by the law of electromagnetic induction force. The primary and the secondary windings are not connected with any physical wire. They are passed electric power by creating electromagnetic force (EMF), known as the equation of Faraday’s law.

This kind of transformer is used in high voltage lines. It looks straightforward and less heavy than other transformers like step-up or step-down transformers used in power generation or distribution channels.

It is designed with single and double phages for work. Single and double phages electromagnetic voltage transformers can connect between the line and earth up to 300kV voltage class.


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