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Feni Lanka Power Limited (FLPL) Information

Lakdhanavi Ltd (LAK) is an independent power producer in Sri Lanka. The company spread its business in other countries. By the flow, Lakdhanavi Ltd (LAK) wants to set up an electric power-producing plant in Feni, Bangladesh. The company goes to make an agreement with Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB) for the business.

Under the Companies Act 1994, on 4 July 2017, the power plant was built with Feni Lanka Power Limited as a public limited electricity subsidiary company. Recently (2020), Fani Lanka Power Limited gathered four (4) prestigious “Asian Power Awards 2020” from Bangladesh for its services. The total capacity of electricity generation of Feni Lanka Power Limited is 114 MV. It is an oil-fired power plant.

About Feni Lanka Power Limited

It is essential to know about the details of Feni Lanka Power Limited. For this needings the whole of the information about the plant is given below:

  • Plant Type: Oil-Fired Power Plant
  • Location: Feni, Bangladesh
  • Capacity: 114 MW
  • Investment: Lakdhanavi Ltd.
  • Organization Type: Public Limited Company

Feni Lanka Power Limited Project Details

Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB) signed an agreement (Power Purchase Agreement) with a Srilankan independent company name is Lakdhanavi Ltd (LAK). LAK wants to invest funds for the project. The Government of Bangladesh assures to help the project.

Feni Lanka Power Limited Photo Gallery

Feni Lanka Power Limited, an electricity generation company, is now under construction. Some of the photos of the power plant are given below:

Feni Lanka Power Limited photo

Feni Lanka Power Limited

Feni Lanka Power Limited Construction Details

Bangladesh has many power generation plants. Feni Lanka Power Limited is one of them, and it was built in Kashimpur, Feni, Bangladesh. It is an Oil-Fired Power Plant. BPDB imports oil from the middle east country in the world.

Raw Materials Of Feni Lanka Power Limited

There are various types of power generation plants in Bangladesh. Some of them are thermal coal-fired, natural gas-fired, solar panel, and oil-fired. The infrastructure of Lanka Power Limited is based on oil. So, the primary raw material of Feni Lanka Power Limited is oil.

Feni Lanka Power Limited Contact Information

Feni Lanka Power Limited corporate office and the plant contact information details are given below:

Corporate Office

  • Address: Arzed Chamber, 13 Mohakhali C/A, 3rd floor, Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh
  • Phone Number: +88 02 58815581
  • Email: info@flplbd.com
  • Website: www.flplbd.com

Power Plant

  • Address: Kashimpur, Feni, Bangladesh
  • Phone: +88 02 9335869
  • Email: info@flplbd.com

Bangladesh is a developing country. Electricity is an essential power for development. Feni Lanka Power Limited contributes to helps the national grid by generating electricity and impacting our country’s socio-economic condition.


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