Ferrite Core Transformer

What Is Ferrite Core Transformer?

Ferrite Core Transformer is a type of transformer that converts one voltage to another voltage using the properties of a magnetic material called ferrite. Ferrites have a magnetic property called saturation. When you pass an electric current through them, they will become saturated and no longer carry more electricity.

Ferrite Core Transformer Structure

It comprises a primary coil, a secondary coil, and a ferrite core. The primary coil comprises many turns of wire that are wound around the ferrite core in one direction. The secondary coil is also made up of many turns of wire that are wound around the same ferrite core in the opposite direction as the primary coil’s turns.

The transformer’s core consists of a stack of ferrite rings or plates. The coils are wound around the ferrite core, and the primary winding is connected to the input voltage source. When an electric current flows through the primary winding, it induces an alternating magnetic field in the ferrite core. This alternating magnetic field induces a current in the secondary winding connected to load equipment.

Types Of Ferrite Core Transformer

There are various types of ferrite core transformers available based on their uses. The structure and components like permeability, saturation, resistivity, and frequency have four possible types. They are:

  • Manganese Zinc (MnZn)
  • Nickel Zinc (NiZn)
  • Sand Dust
  • Lamination/Amorphous & Nanocrystalline

Working Principle Of A Ferrite Core Transformer

The transformer is a device that transfers electrical energy between two or more circuits by electromagnetic induction. The transformer converts electric power from one voltage to another. A ferrite core transformer also converts electricity, but it follows a different method.

It consists of two coils placed on a magnetic core, with the primary coil usually wound on the outside of the secondary coil. The core is made of ferrite material with high permeability and low reluctance. When an AC flows through one coil, it induces an AC in another coil winding due to electromagnetic induction.

Uses Of A Ferrite Core Transformers

These transformers are the most common type of transformer in use today. These types of transformers are widely used in power distribution systems. They are primarily used to isolate high voltage circuits from low voltage circuits.

There is some very common use of a ferrite core transformer given below:

  • Power Electronic Circuits
  • DC to DC Converters
  • Solar Panels
  • Lighting
  • Home Appliances
  • Electrical Vehicles
  • Mobile Chargers
  • Brushless DC Inverters

Ferrite Core Transformers: At A Glance

These transformers are used in power systems to limit the voltage between primary and secondary circuits. They are usually used in low-voltage, high-current applications. A Ferrite Core Transformer is a transformer that uses magnetic coupling to transfer power from one circuit to another.

This type of transformer is designed with low voltage, high current circuits. The core material is ferrite, which has a very low permeability compared with iron or steel cores. This prevents the magnetic field from leaking out of the core and reduces eddy currents in the core material.


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