Ghorashal Power Station (GPS) Information

Ghorashal Power Station (GPS) is one of the largest power stations in Bangladesh. Ghorashal power plant produces electricity. It freedom started its operation in 1974. The total capacity of the power station is 950 MW.

The power is generated by seven (7) units from the station. First, two-unit were built in the Pakistan period. After independence Bangladesh Government built another five units. Here 1 to 6 units are steam turbines, and another is a combined cycle power plant.

It is situated on the Eastern bank of river Shitalakhya at North East of Dhaka under Palash Thana in the Narsingdi district. Natural Mithen gas (CH4) is used in this power station as fuel. Titas Gas Transmission Company provides the gas.

All About Ghorashal Power Station

Ghorashal Power Station (GPS) is one of the oldest power stations in Bangladesh. So, it is important to know the whole information about it. Now it is given below:

  • Plant Type: Thermal electricity generation
  • Location: Ghorashal, Palash, Narsingdi, Bangladesh
  • Capacity: 950 MW.
  • Agency: Bangladesh Power Development Board
  • Organization Type: Government-owned

Ghorashal Power Station Project Details

For generating electricity, a total of 7 units are worked in Ghorashal Power Station. The units can not produce estimated electricity for many reasons. A total of 5 units of electricity generation scheme is given here.

  • Ghorashal Repowered CCPP Unit 3 (GT): Estimated budget is 260 MV and produces the same demand.
  • Ghorasal Repowered CCPP UNIT-4: Estimated budget is 210, producing a capacity of 180MV of the demand.
  • Ghorasal TPP Unit 5: Estimated budget is 210, producing a capacity of 190 MV of the demand.
  • Ghorashal 365 MW CCPP Unit -7: Estimated budget 365 MV and produce the same of the demand.
  • Ghorashal 108 MW PP (Regent): Estimated budget is 180 MV and produces the same demand.

Ghorashal Power Plant Photo Gallery

Ghorashal Power Station is located in a beautiful place on the riverbank of Shitalakshya. Its looks are so beautiful. The power station is renowned for getting many awards from the Government and other Organizations for its services. Now here you can see the beautiful photos of the power plant.

ghorashal power stationghorashal power station photo

Raw Materials Of Ghorashal Power Plant

Ghorashal Power Station is under the Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB). The station has seven units for generating electricity. By the acute mechanical system, heavy pressurized boiled steam water spins the turbine at 3000 RPM. The turbine utilizes the power of the spin and generates electricity.

The primary fuel of water boiling in the Ghorashal Power Station (GPS) is coal and gas. River Shitalakshya is the primary source of supplying water. After using water, it emits it again into the river.

Ghorashal Power Station Location And Contact Information

Ghorashal Power Station is a property of the Government of Bangladesh and is under the (BPDB). So, BPDB’s website is the official website for the plant. Now GPS contact information and location details are given below:

GPS is the largest power plant in the history of Bangladesh. The power station supplies electricity in the whole area of Bangladesh before others power generation plants are built. It’s one of the renowned power plants that contributes as a primary power grid of BPDB (Bangladesh power development board).

Once it is failed to supply the necessary electricity depending on this grid, load shedding becomes severe in the following region. It shows how vital the GPS is.


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