Hexing Prepaid Meter Bangladesh

Hexing Prepaid Meter Bangladesh 2022

Hexing prepaid meter is now fully functional in Bangladesh. Hexing is a Chinese electric equipment manufacturing company established in 1992. This multi-national company offers a variety of electrical equipment and relevant solutions worldwide. Bangladesh Rural Electrification Board has been working with Hexing to ensure prepaid electricity meters for the whole country.

Hexing Prepaid Meter In Bangladesh

The government of Bangladesh has declared and committed to serving 100% electricity to all across Bangladesh. And this mission is almost successful now. Bangladesh electrification board is currently working on prepaid metering to provide uninterrupted electricity within a reasonable bill per unit cost.

For making sure a sustainable ecosystem for energy distribution in the country, the Bangladesh electrification board hired Hexing company for Hexing prepaid meter, Hexpay; Hexing purchased cable, IT equipment, and installation accessories.

This deal has been using “The Bridge of Friendship” act since 2017-07-29. China hexing has already provided service to more than 2 million users in Bangladesh, though the target is to connect over 20 million prepaid meters.

So that renewable energy, distribution automation, and smart meter to cash collection resulting inadequate revenue protection can be ensured by the Ministry of Power, Energy & Mineral Resources, Bangladesh.

Hexing Prepaid Meter
Hexing Prepaid Meter

Hexing Prepaid Meter Manual

The Hexing prepaid meter user manual contains all the information required to apply the meters for the intended purpose. Suppose you are using a hexing prepaid meter and a new user. This prepaid meter manual maybe will help you.

This prepaid meter manual includes:

  • Provision of knowledge concerning characteristics, construction, and function of the
  • Information about possible dangers, their consequences, and measures to prevent any

Details concerning the performance of all work throughout the service life of the meter:

The contents of this user manual are intended for technically qualified personnel of energy
supply companies responsible for the meter planning, installation, operation, and maintenance
of the meter.

Hexing Prepaid Meter Manual
Hexing Prepaid Meter Manual

Hexing Prepaid Meter Manual PDF is given below:

Download Hexing Prepaid Meter Manual

Advantages of Hexing Prepaid Meter

There are some real advantages consumers can get by using the prepaid meter. Here are some benefits of prepaid meters given below:

Hexing Prepaid Meter Advantages:

  • Consumers can use electricity within their budget; no minimum uses are required.
  • Electricity will be affordable.
  • Consumers can pay the bill via mobile banking, bank, or vai electricity office.
  • The prepayment meter records every detail of users like the used amount of money, total KWh use, load, and many more.
  • Can use the emergency balance.
  • The prepaid meter doesn’t charge further if the meter needs to change.

Costing Of Hexing Prepaid Meter

After recharging the prepaid meter, you will get a token of recharge confirmation. That token included everything regarding your meter recharge, including:

  • Your total energy cost.
  • Meter rent (Every Month, Single Phase meter – BDT 40, Three Phase meter – BDT 250).
  • Demand Charge (Every Month, BDT 25).
  • Vat 5%.

Note 01: Consumers will get a 1% bonus money to use electricity every month.
Note 02: You will get a token number after recharging, then you have to dial the token number on your prepaid meter keypad.

Understanding Hexing Prepaid Meter

Here is how you can understand your prepaid meter. Let’s dive into the main topic:

  • When there is a green light on your prepaid meter, you have sufficient balance in your meter to use electricity.
  • When the LED is red, you don’t have a balance on your prepaid meter.
  • When the LED is flickering, you are getting out of your meter balance.

That was all about Hexing prepaid meter in Bangladesh. We suggest you read about hexing prepaid meter codes.


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