Iron Core Transformer

What is Iron Core Transformer?

The transformer is used to supply the power needed in the electrical devices. It has many parts. Core and winding is the main part of a transformer. The basis of the core transformer has many types, such as Iron core, Air core, Toroidal core, Cylindrical core, etc. This blog will give information about the Iron core below.  Read this blog carefully and share your experience with others.

What To Know About Iron-Core Transformer

An iron core transformer is an electrical device that’s core is made of iron. The ability of magnetic flux carrying of iron is greater than other components. This ability is called permeability. When the primary windings are connected with the AC source, it creates magnetic flux into the core. Iron cores can stimulate secondary winding very well.Iron-Core Transformer

The transformers with an iron core consist of turns of wire wrapped around a core of iron. The iron may be in the form of a magnetic powder or sheets of iron compressed together to suppress electric currents from being created within the iron of the core.

Construction of Iron-Core Transformer

Iron is the main element to make the iron core transformer. Some E, I, L, and U-shaped irons are arranged to make iron core transformers. It is twisted at both ends of the core. Primary and secondary windings are made by twisting an insulating wire on top of the other in the middle of the core.

Construction of Iron-Core Transformer

Circuit Diagram of Iron-Core Transformer

The circuit diagram of the iron core transformer is easy. Single phage iron transformer has two windings, and three phages iron transformer has three windings—primary windings connected with the AC and secondary windings connected with the load. Electromagnetic flux goes through the secondary winding through the iron core.

Working Principle of Iron-Core Transformer

The working principle of an iron core transformer is simple. It works as the guide of electromagnetic induction law. This transformer amplifies the voltage or current to the second terminal from the primary terminal with the law of Np/Ns=Vp/Vs=Is/Ip.

This transformer works in the low voltage and low current. Step down iron transformer decreases the voltage or current and the step-up transformer increases voltage or current as of the wanting. The whole of the transformer doesn’t change the frequency.

What is the Benefit of Iron-Core?

This means that the ability of a steel core to carry magnetic flux is 1500 times that of air. This means that the power of magnetic flux of an iron core is 1500 times greater than air. The losses of magnetic flux in the iron core are too more minor. Almost 98% of electromagnetic power is transmitted to the secondary windings through the iron core. An iron core transformer can handle large loads at a low frequency.

Uses of Iron-Core Transformer

The iron core transformer can transmit a low voltage of electricity from the primary to the secondary core. It also transmits the high voltage of electricity. Many electronic devices parts need low voltage, like computer motherboard, television, radio, or other. An iron core transformer supplies the accurate voltage where needed.

Uses of its:

  • Power plant
  • Distribution transformer
  • Electric circuit
  • Computer
  • Television
  • Radio
  • Amplifier


The use of iron core transformers is widespread. It is produced commercially. It generates much more magnetic waves than any other object. It gets hot as a result of continuous running.

However, it can also work at high temperatures. It gets ruined if you don’t take good care of it. In large transformer shots, the iron core is immersed in oil not to harm the outside moisture.


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