Isolation Transformer In UPS

Isolation Transformer in UPS: What to Know!

Using isolation transformers with UPS can minimize problems like spikes, surges, transients, and power lines to a minimum. Isolation transformers are used on the input and output side of online up. Isolation transformers are used on the input and output side of online up. Isolation transformers usually have two windings with the same number of coil turns that are physically different.

That is, there is no physical wire connection with it. The windings are wound on two iron cores where electricity is transmitted through the electric magnetic field. It is widely used in UPS as the desired output voltages can be obtained from isolation transformers.

Why Isolation Transformer Use in UPS?

Isolation transformers are used in UPS mainly for safety reasons. Because at present the failure rate of electronic equipment is gradually increasing due to various reasons. Some notable causes are inductive load, capacitive load, spike, surges, transients, sags, electronic ballast, harmonics, dangerous spike, etc. Without adequate protection, electronic devices are at risk. With this in mind, isolation transformers are used in UPS.

Isolation Transformer uses in UPS
Isolation Transformer in UPS

Isolation transformers are used in UPS for extra caution. The normal electrical pressure makes the electronic device transient and weak. At the same time, spikes, surges, transients, etc., put pressure on the semiconductor resulting in storage media, PLC, software failure, program problems, data, extensive damage. Electronic equipment failures are not always seen. It can normally work in some fields.


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