What Is Isolation Transformer?

What Is Isolation Transformer?

The isolation transformer is a device that we use with a power device connected to the primary power source. Isolation transformers save you electric equipment by providing an ideal power supply. The transformer is used to transmit AC from one terminal to another.

It works with the principle of EMF (electromagnetic force) induction. A transformer is a device that transfers current and power from one circuit to another without changing intensity and frequency by up and down the voltage.

Isolation Transformer Details

An isolation transformer is a device that transmits AC from one terminal to another terminal with the same level of voltage, current, and frequency without any physical connection.

In this transformer, primary and secondary windings are physically isolated. The isolation transformer sustains the same turn, power, voltage, and current on the primary and secondary terminals.

The equation of the isolation transformer is, N1 = N2, V1 = V2, and I1 = I1

Here is the meaning of N, V, and I are:

  • N= The number of turns of the coil
  • V= Voltage
  • I= Current flow
Isolation Transformer
Isolation Transformer

An isolation transformer is used in the plant for electricity generation, distribution, and electrical working procedures. It brings a new era of modern electricity.


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