Kodda Power Plant

Kodda Power Plant: Kodda 150 MW Power Plant- HR building

BPDB and China National Electric Wire & Cable Export-Import Corporation is the client of the Kodda Power Plant. The plant started its journey in 2015 with a power generation capacity of 150 MW—Kodda 150 MW Power Plant located on the bank of river Bongshai in Gazipur.

Kodda Power Plant Information

The details of the Kodda Power Plant are given below. These details may help you to know many things about the power plant.

  • Plant Type: Furnace Oil Fired Electricity generation
  • Location: Gazipur
  • Capacity: 150 MW
  • Organization Type: Private Company Ltd.

Kodda Power Plant Project Details

China National Electric Wire & Cable Export-Import Corporation wants to build a power plant in Bangladesh. For this, the Chines company signed an agreement with BPDB to implement the project. The electricity generation capacity of the project is 150 MW. China National Electric Wire & Cable Export-Import Corporation bears the funds to implement the power plant.

Kodda Power Plant Photo Gallery

The plant looks so beautiful. I have shared some photos of the Kodda Power Plant below:

Kodda Power Plant Construction Details

Bangladesh is a riverine country. Many power plants were built on the bank of the river to get water quickly and discharge it into the river. For this reason, Kodda Power Plant was constructed on the bank of the Bongshai river in Gazipur.

Raw Materials Of Kodda Power Plant

There are many ways to generate electricity. Gas, geothermal, oil, coal, tide, ocean current, etc., are examples of electricity generation ways. Koda Power Plant in Gazipur is based on furnace oil. The primary agent of the company imports oil from abroad, like the Middle Eastern countries in the world.

Gazipur is an essential city in Bangladesh because it has many industries, many under construction. Now this time development depends on electricity.

Contact Kodda Power Plant

Contact officially or call whenever you want to communicate with the Kodda Power Plant authority. Just keep in mind about the office hour. Here are the details about the contact information of Kodda Power Plant.

Koda Power Plant is a build-up company to generate electricity for agricultural, residential, and industrial purposes. The plant helps contribute to the people’s development by developing and supplying electricity.


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