What Is Low Voltage

What Is Low Voltage?

Voltage is a very important subject in the world of electricity. It has been maintained carefully for safety passing the electricity and distributes among the needs. Sometimes needs to increase voltage and sometimes it’s the opposite. This blog is given the definition of low voltage although it has no exact explanation.

Low Voltage Definition

It is very difficult to explain the definition of low voltage because it has multiple meanings and country-wise it’s been changed. Less than 600 volts is considered as the low voltage. The range of the AC low voltage is 100-1000V. DC range is 100-1500V and the ultra-low voltage range is 5-15V. Ultra-low voltage is considered as the safe voltage for man and other animals.

Why Use Low Voltage?

The low voltage is used for various purposes. The main purpose of it is safety. Many of the industrial electrical equipment is designed for low voltage uses of less than 1000 or 600 volts. If the industrial area is used high voltage electricity then have a possibility to create any disaster/conflagration of simple mistakes or misuse and makes a big amount of losses for the company.

Considering the residential area, the voltage is kept in the range of fewer than 300 volts. If someone unconsciously touches it then it makes a simple electrical shock. But sometimes it may dangerous. So always try to keep a distance from the electricity.

Control Low Voltage

Voltage is controlled by the transformer. The step-down transformer is used to make low voltage. Some of the low voltage-based equipment are works in 600 volts, some of the work under 300 volts and some of them are work less than 15 volts then the transformer is designed as the needs.

Nowadays, some digital voltage controlling equipment are invented. It can supply the accurate voltage among the electrical equipment as their needs.

Sustaining low voltage can rise up the efficiency of the equipment to manufacturing in the electrical industry. It also protects from unwanted happens. For the man in the residential area low voltage is usable for homes equipment for safety uses.


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