NESCO Prepaid Meter Recharge Online

NESCO Prepaid Meter Recharge Online Process

Know about the NESCO prepaid meter recharge process. NESCO bill payment online process is available here. NESCO (Northern Electricity Supply Company Limited) provides an opportunity to pay electricity bills online and offline. There are many methods to pay bills online and offline.

Now, users tend to pay their bills online like mobile banking. This blog has given an idea to the users about the system of online payment. Some NESCO’s authorized mobile banks for payment are given below:

NESCO Prepaid Meter

NESCO has recently started providing a prepaid meter billing system. NESCO prepaid meter and other related information to this topic will be covered in this article below. NESCO prepaid meter follows other prepayment metering systems provided by the Bangladesh Power Development board. The details are here below:

NESCO Prepaid Bill Check

NESCO prepaid bill check isn’t that important. Because we only check postpaid meter bills. A prepaid meter bill means we recharge an amount first and use that amount later. That means we buy electricity then use it. So, NESCO prepaid meter recharge depends on how much load you need per month, so you have to recharge that amount.

NESCO Prepaid Meter Recharge Process

Some methods of NESCO’s prepaid meter recharge process are given below. This process may help you recharge your NESCO prepaid meter by mobile banking on the internet.

NESCO Prepaid Meter Recharge By GPay (App)

  • Select Electricity Prepaid from the GPAY home page.
  • Select DESCO Smart (Dhaka electric supply company limited)
  • .Enter the Meter and the amount number.
  • Press Submit button after entering the meter and amount number.
  • Enter the PIN to confirm the bill.
  • After some time, get a payment confirmation SMS.

Recharge By GPay (USSD)

  • Dial *777#
  • Dial 2 for Bill Pay
  • Dial 1 for New Bill
  • Dial 1 for Electricity
  • Select option 3 for DESCO.
  • Select the option Smart Prepaid by dialing 2
  • Enter meter number
  • Enter amount
  • For confirmation payment, enter a PIN
  • Shortly get a confirmation SMS.

NESCO Online Prepaid Meter Recharge Through bKash (App)

  • Open bkash app
  • Select Pay Bill
  • Tap Electricity icon
  • Scroll down and select NESCO (Prepaid)
  • Input Customer and Contact number
  • Enter reference name
  • Enter Amount
  • Check your bill information
  • Enter bkash PIN
  • Long press on bkash icon to confirm the payment
  • Get a confirmation SMS with a token number.
  • Input the token number on your prepaid meter.

Recharge By Nagad (App)

  • Open Nagad app
  • Tap on the Bill Pay option
  • Select Electricity
  • Scroll down and select NESCO (Prepaid)
  • Enter your Customer Number and Amount
  • Check your bill information
  • Enter Nagad PIN
  • Press and hold on the Nagad icon to confirm the payment
  • Get a confirmation SMS with a token number.

NESCO Prepaid Meter Recharge Online By Rocket (App)

  • Open Rocket app.
  • Select Bill Pay.
  • Click on the Category option, click the Utility option and scroll down.
  • Go to the NESCO_prepaid option.
  • Enter Consumer Number, Beneficiary mobile number, and Amount.
  • Click on Validate option.
  • Check the bill information and press on the OK option.
  • Enter Biller Short Name.
  • Enter Rocket account PIN
  • Tap and hold the Rocket icon.
  • Get an SMS with a token number.

Important Note: After getting the token number of the NESCO bill, you will have to input the token number on the meter’s dial pad and click the enter button on the keypad. Then you are done with your NESCO utility bill. Otherwise, bill payment will remain incomplete.

NESCO Prepaid Meter Balance Check Online

To check NESCO prepaid meter balance, there is a unique USSD code to dial. Here is the process; you can check the NESCO prepaid meter balance by following.

NESCO Prepaid Meter balance check code is 037 (Present Balance).

NESCO Prepaid Meter Emergency Balance Check is 032

  • Dial 037 on the meter dial pad.
  • Click Enter button.
  • Here is your NESCO prepaid meter emergency balance.

The emergency balance start code is 99999

NESCO Prepaid Meter Main Balance Check 037

  • Dail 037 on the meter keypad.
  • Click Enter button.
  • Here is your NESCO prepaid meter main balance.

NESCO Prepaid Meter Codes

NESCO prepaid meter codes are here for you. All the codes are updated recently. These codes work properly.

  • Load: 007
  • Tariff Category: 018
  • Check Emergency Balance: 032
  • Used Emergency Balance: 039
  • Voltage: 052
  • Present Used Load (KW): 060
  • Total Kvar Reading: 083
  • Last Month Average Power Factor: 099
  • Present Month Used Unit (KW): 400
  • Present Month Used BDT: 413
  • Present Month Height Uses Unit: 470
  • Meter Indication Status: 008
  • Present Utility Rate: 019
  • Check Balance (Present Balance): 037
  • Power Factor: 051
  • Current (I): 055
  • Till now Total Import Current (KW): 081
  • Present Month Average Power Factor: 087
  • Most Recent Power Buy Amount: 200
  • Last Month Used Unit (kWh): 401
  • Last Month Used BDT: 414
  • Take Emergency Balance: 99999

NESCO prepaid meter other codes are here: (If those codes don’t work, we request you to follow these codes:)

  • Date check code: 802
  • Time check code: 803
  • Meter number check code: 804
  • Meter condition check code: 807
  • Relay connection disconnect check code: 806
  • Present connected load check code: 808
  • Last day utility usages code: 813
  • Alarm sound off code: 812
  • Last recharge date check code: 815
  • Present month usages electricity check code: 814
  • Last recharge amount check code: 817
  • Last recharge time check code: 816
  • Electricity off time check code: 819
  • Last month electricity usages check code: 820
  • One month earlier electricity usages check code: 821
  • Two months earlier electricity usages check code: 822
  • Three months earlier electricity usages check code: 823
  • Four-month earlier electricity usages check code: 824
  • Five months earlier electricity usages check code: 825
  • Last recharge token number check code: 830
  • Top power load check code: 869
  • Phase current check code: 874
  • Phase voltage check code: 870
  • Phase power load check code: 877
  • Reverse power check code: 879
  • Monthly average usages check code: 881
  • Present TOU check code: 886
  • Presently used step tariff check code: 887
  • Balance check return token check code: 888
  • Present token serial number code: 889
  • Canceled token time check code: 890
  • Token take time check code: 891
  • Relay connection time check code: 892
  • Relay disconnect time check code: 893
  • Friendly mode maximum usages check code: 894
  • Friendly mode maximum use date check code: 895
  • Weekly holy day check code: 899
  • Friendly mode end time check code: 898
  • Step tariff 1 unit check code: 901
  • Friendly mode check code: 900
  • Step tariff 2 unit check code: 902
  • Step tariff 3 unit check code: 903
  • Step tariff 4 unit check code: 904
  • Step tariff 5 unit check code: 905
  • Step tariff 6 unit check code: 906
  • Step tariff 7 unit check code: 907
  • Step tariff 1 unit price check code: 908
  • Step tariff 2 unit price check code: 909
  • Step tariff 3 unit price check code: 910
  • Step tariff 4 unit price check code: 911
  • Step tariff 5 unit price check code: 912
  • Step tariff 6 unit price check code: 913
  • Step tariff 7 unit price check code: 914
  • Step tariff 8 unit price check code: 915
  • Less credit alarm level 1 code: 917
  • Less credit alarm level 2 code: 918
  • Less credit alarm level 3 code: 919
  • Usages holiday check code: 921
  • The present month used amount check code: 922
  • Last month used amount check code: 923
  • One month earlier used the amount check code: 924
  • Two months before using the amount check code: 925
  • Three months earlier used the amount check code: 926
  • Four-month earlier used amount check code: 927

This blog completely narrates some of NESCO’s prepaid meter recharge systems. Even if you face any problem, share it with us, we will try to solve your problems. Share your experience with others and be stay happy. Thank you.


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