Power Division Bangladesh

Power Division Bangladesh: The Complete Overview

Bangladesh is a developing country. Electricity is an essential element for development. Electricity is a continuous generation process supplied to all the people of Bangladesh because this power cannot be retained.

Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDP) maintains all the functions of power generation and distribution activities. To provide reliable and quality electricity among all people in Bangladesh within 2021 at a reasonable and affordable price. The whole blog has given an idea about the power division system in Bangladesh.

Structure of the Power Division in Bangladesh

The division of the power sector in Bangladesh is under the Ministry of Power, Energy, and Mineral Resources. The division of power system structure is given below:

Power Subsidiaries in Bangladesh

There are six subsidiaries of the power division in Bangladesh: PGCB, APSCL, EGCB, NWZPCL, WZPDCL, and NESCO. All of this elaboration form is given below.

Fuel Materials for the Power Plant in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has many different power generation stations. All of the power generation fuel systems are not the same. A ratio of usages percentage of fuel in the power generation plants is given below:

  • Natural Gas: 60.89%
  • Furnace Oil: 21.58%
  • Coal: 3.28%
  • Diesel: 8.65%
  • Hydro: 1.44%
  • Renewable Energy: 0.02%

The total installed capacity of power generation in Bangladesh is 18763 MW. Derated capacity is 15410 MW. Most of the power is produced electricity by natural gas. The second is furnace oil. Bangladesh is searching for producing electricity from renewable sources. A diagram of the installed usages capacity of the fuel is given below:

Distribution Capacity of Power in Bangladesh

BPDB installed half of 59% of the electricity of the total demand in Bangladesh for the national grid. The other company and a joint venture company installed the remaining power. A diagram is given below with the list.

Power Division Plans

The authority of the power division has taken a master plant to supply electricity among all the people in Bangladesh within 2021 with the expansion of 6,000 km transmission lines and 1 lakh km distribution lines with an electricity generation capacity of 24,000 MW.

The future plant of the division will produce 40,000 MW of electricity in 2030. By 2021, the government will generate at least 10% of total electricity from renewable energy sources and invest 24 billion US dollars in setting up the new power plants and ensuring fuel supply.

System loss reduced to single digits. Implement a 2,000 MW nuclear power plant by 2022 at Roppur, Pabna. Import of 6,500 MW through the regional grids.

Investment Potentiality of Power Division in Bangladesh

Many foreign organizations invested a big amount in the power sector in Bangladesh, and many are express to hope to invest in the power generation project. The government will create a conducive environment for investment in the project like Hydro, Tidal, Thermal, Wind, and other power plants.

Final words

The power division of Bangladesh has a responsibility to sustain electricity for the national demand of the country. It introduces modern information technology and digital methods to enhance prepaid meters and other devices to get a better experience in life. Power division creates skilled manpower in the power sector through training for the future.


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