Power Grid Company Of Bangladesh (PGCB)

Power Grid Company Of Bangladesh (PGCB) Overview

Power Grid Company Of Bangladesh (PGCB) was established on November 21, 1996, with a capital of 1,000 cores taka from the Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB) ‘s restructuring process for the worsening people of Bangladesh. Power Grid Company transmits electricity from the power generation company to the distribution company.

This time, PGCB has 94 subcentre with 8665.3 circuit kilometer lines, including 2647.3 circuit kilometer 130kv line and 6018 circuit kilometer 132kv line. 400 kV station is 1, 400/130 kV subcentre are 3, 400/132 kV subcentre are 2, 230/132 kV subcentre are 26, 132/133 kV subcentre are 120. PGCB’s total efficiency is 15112 mVa with its activities.

History of the Power Grid Company of Bangladesh (PGCB)

In 1972 Bangladesh had to generate 198 mVa capacitive electricity. The total length of the line was 1327 circuit kilometers which is not enough for developing Bangladesh with its increasing people. For some restrictions, BPDB (Bangladesh Power Development Board) can not provide electricity all the spare of the people.

So, at that time Government needs to create another electricity supplying company. For this reason, the Power Grid Company Of Bangladesh (PGCB) was established on November 21, 1996. PGCB has committed to increasing its line 20,625 circuit kilometers within 2021.

Bangladesh Power Development Board (BPDB) has taken a plan to generate 50,000-megawatt electricity in 2041. Then the time Power Grid Company Of Bangladesh played an essential role in supplies electricity to the distribution company.

About Power Grid Company of Bangladesh (PGCB)

PGCB is not a power generation company. It is a power transmission company. It transmits power to distribution companies, like, NESCO, DESCO, WZPDCL, REB, etc. PGCB works all over Bangladesh. PGCB’s description is given below:

  • Office location: PGCB Bhaban, Avenue-3, Jahurul Islam City, Aftabnagar, Badda, Dhaka-1212
  • Established: 1996 [C-31820(941)/96]
  • Status: Public Limited Company
  • Type of business: Transmission of Power
  • Authorized Capital: Tk. 10,000 Crore

PGCB Administration Panel And Services

PGCB administration panel and services are well known in Bangladesh. Their administration system and service are very good. The Principal Secretary to the HPM, Prime Minister’s Office, status in the board chairman of PGCB, is the head of this company. The secretary of the power division in the board and other employees also perform their job. If any distributor companies have faced a problem, then noticed it to the PGCB. The company will try to solve the problem as soon as possible.

PGCB Digital Services

Now this time, PGCB provides digital services online. People can browse their website any time in any place in the world to get their service. All of the service patterns are given below the line.

Internal e-service

  • e-auction
  • HRMS
  • online outage
  • CBM-software
  • meeting schedule

Other e-services

  • Documents
  • E-GP
  • Complaint redressal measures
  • Complaint
  • Address of complaints about electricity


  • Gov Cloud
  • PGCB drive
  • Document Archive

PGCB Contact Information

For the consumer’s needs, PGCB provides a phone number, fax number, and Emai. Consumers can contact them 24 hours a day by the media which is suitable for them.

  • Phone: +88-02-55046731, +88-02-55046732, +88-02-55046733, +88-02-55046734, +88-02-55046735
  • Fax: +88-02-55046722
  • E-mail: info@pgcb.gov.bd

Present Employees & Their Contact

Many employees are worked in PGCB. Some essential employees’ present designation and contact numbers are given below. This may help the readers to communicate with them.

Name: Golam Kibria, Managing Director Office PGCB

  • E-mail: md@pgcb.gov.bd
  • Mobile: 01711520408
  • Phone: 8-02-5504821 (Office)
  • Fax: 6-02-5504822

Name: Md. Yakub Elahi Chowdhury

  • Designation: Executive Director Office P&D
  • E-mail: ed.pnd@pgcb.gov.bd
  • Mobile: 0171174656
  • Phone: +6025504824 (Office)

Name: Md. Masum Alam Bakshi

  • Designation: Executive Director Office O&M
  • E-mail: ed.onm@pgcb.gov.bd
  • Mobile: 01714119422
  • Phone: + 6-02-5504826 (Office)

PGCB Job Vacancy

There are many sections to get a job from the company. Like PGCB’s Assistant Engineers in Electrical and Electronics, Deputy Assistant Engineer in Electrical, Civil, Mechanical and Computer, Electronics, Computer, and Power, and so many sections are available to get a job in this company. After a certain time, the company publishes a job circular with its needs for fills the vacant sections.

Please fill up the circular online with their policies like educational background and others. Appear on their examination if a candidate performed the exam well, they can have a better chance of getting the job.

PGCB has done its works perfectly from 1996 to the present. PGCB helps us to get electric power quickly. Now this time, we can not think of a day without electricity. It becomes an essential part of our life. Mainly it supplies the electricity to the distributor companies, and the distributor company supplies the power to the urban people in Bangladesh. It contributes to increasing our national development.


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