Learn Power Transformer Formula

Learn Power Transformer Formula

Power transformer transmission and the working formula are the same as voltage step-up transformer. Actually, a power transformer is a giant size transformer of a step-up transformer. The power transformer is used in the electrical sector to increase the voltage. Almost all of the transformers are working with the same process, following electromagnetic induction theory. In the blog, the power transformer working equation is given below with an example.

Power Transformer Equations

The power transformer equation depends on the winding turn number, current flow, and the voltage between the primary and secondary windings. If a transformer’s input coil turns, the number is less than the output coil’s number is called a step-up transformer. Step down transformer is the opposite of this process. The power transformer’s formula is Np/Ns=Vp/Vs or Ip/Is=Vs/Vp

Here is the elaboration of the letter is,

    • Np= Input coil turns number
    • Ns= Output coil turns number
    • Vp= Input voltage
    • Vs= Output voltage
    • Ip= Input current
  • Is= Output current

Power Transformer Formula Example

Example 1: If the primary winding of a transformer is 300, then the secondary winding is 600. The initial voltage is 500v. So what is the secondary voltage?


Here is

Np= 300
Ns= 600
Vp= 500

According to the transformers equation, Vs= Ns*(Vp/Np)= 600*(500/300)= 1000

The answer of the Vs is 1000 volt.

Example 2: If the primary voltage of a transformer is 200, then the secondary voltage is 300. The initial current 10A. So what is the secondary current?


Here is

Vp= 200
Vs= 300
Ip= 10

According to the transformers equation, Is= Ip*(Vp/Vs)= 10* (200/300)= 6.67

The answer of the Is is 6.67 ampere.

This formula can calculate output voltage, output current, input voltage, and input current. This is a straightforward equation for the calculation of a transformer voltage and other things.


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