Power Transformer Use

Power Transformer Use: Uses Of A Power Transformer?

Power Transformer use is widely known to us in the present time. The transformer is a static device used to amplify or abate voltage between primary and secondary terminals. There are many types of transformers in the power sector.

For example, step-up, step-down, two phases, three phases, isolation, electrical transformer, distribution transformer, etc. Several types of the transformer are used for several work purposes. This article will give you a clear idea about the use of Power Transformers.

Power Transformer Use

Common Uses Of Power Transformers

A power transformer’s main use is to increase or decrease voltage between the two sides of the transformer connection. A step-up transformer can increasing voltage. And step-down transformer decrease voltage. The electricity power plant produces a low voltage level of high current electricity. But this is not suitable for transmission—low voltage electricity losses its voltage when transmitting a far distance and the power to the distribution zone.

  • A step-up transformer can amplify the voltage up to 33 kV from the low voltage of 12 kV. This high voltage electricity is not suitable for industrial, residential, or purposes. So it needs to decrease voltage. A step-down transformer reduces this voltage and makes it usable for purposes. Electricity distribution company use this transformer widely.
  • The electrical circuit uses many kinds of transformers. Like mobile chargers, computer motherboards, amplifiers, and other electrical circuits need to increase or decrease voltage. Using a transformer to start the motor. Because it requires high voltage first.
  • Three-phase transformers are applied for high-voltage connections. But the problem is that if any of the three connections of the transformer is disconnected, the whole system becomes inoperable.
  • Two-phages transformer generally used where the ratio of high voltage is more significant than two from the low voltage. This reverse autotransformer uses where the ratio of high voltage is less than two from the low voltage.

Uses Of A Power Transformer

Power generation plants and power distribution plants are used for many types of transformers. Different transformers played different roles in the power sector. The invention of the transformer brings a new era in the power sector.


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