How To Recharge Prepaid Meter

How To Recharge Prepaid Meter | Palli Bidyut Prepaid Meter Recharge Process

There are several methods by which you can recharge Palli Bidyut Prepaid meters. As like, GPAY, bKash, Rocket, Nagad, upay, robicash, ipay, nagad, nexus pay, etc. Rocket, bkash, Nagad are presently used by most of the people in Bangladesh.

Day by day, the number of people increasing who are paying their electricity bills using this method. Because this method saves our time, money, and protects us from harassment. This blog is going to give you information on the BREB prepaid meter recharge process online.

Ways To Palli Bidyut / BREB Prepaid Meter Recharge Process

At present, most people pay their electricity, gas, and other bills by using mobile banking systems at home, but it wasn’t even possible a few years ago in Bangladesh. Many people don’t know how to pay or top-up Electric Prepaid Meter. By this requirement, I will try to give a proper guideline to help you pay your bill. Some most used methods are:

  • G-Pay
  • bKash
  • Rocket

[N.B: Minimum value of prepaid meter recharge in Bangladesh is 100 Tk]

Top-up Palli Bidyut Prepaid Meter Thought G-PAY

The app is easier to use than dialing USSD. Some consecutive steps are to follow, which describe the method of this system. Here are the details of this process:

  1. Select Bill Payment from the GPAY home page.
  2. Select Prepaid Bills.
  3. Select Palli Bidyut.
  4. Enter Meter number & amount number by flowing two rows. Then enter Submit.
  5. Enter GPay PIN.
  6. Wait a while until you received the Payment confirmation SMS & Popup message.

Palli Bidyut Prepaid Meter Recharge Thought G-PAY USSD?

If you don’t have a smartphone or internet access, you have to follow the USSD dialing method. It is an easy method. Now let’s check it by step by step process in the below:

  1. Dial *777#
  2. Go to BillPay.
  3. Select the New Bill option.
  4. Select the Electricity option.
  5. Select the Palli Bidyut option.
  6. Select the Prepaid option.
  7. Enter Meter No.
  8. Enter Amount.
  9. Enter PIN.
  10. Show the details of the activity.
  11. Finally, you will get a Payment and Token confirmation SMS.

How to Check Purchased Token in G-PAY APP?

Sometimes we forget many important things; forgetting your G-Pay token amount isn’t something unexpected. Don’t worry; you can check the details of the purchased token by following the steps that are given below:

  1. Transaction Overview from GPAY home page.
  2. Enter Meter number and select Token (Prepaid).
  3. The customer will get the last 3 token details.

Recharge Palli Bidyut Prepaid Meter From bKash App

bKash is one of the most popular mobile banking systems in Bangladesh. It makes our life easier and comfortable. They have their own well-designed, user-friendly app. We can complete our daily payments within a moment by using bKash mobile banking.

They have focused on improving bill payments systems. Palli Bidyut’s prepaid and postpaid bill payment process is now more outstanding than before in the bKash app. Steps to recharge prepaid meter using bkash app is given below:

  1. Select Pay Bill from the home screen.
  2. Tap electricity and then show the list of electricity supply company’s list. Just select Palli Bidyut (Prepaid)
  3. Enter Bill Account Number and Contact Number. If you want to save the account for the next payment, you have to click the red square box.
  4. Enter Amount.
  5. Tab arrow button in below to screen for going next.
  6. Enter bkash PIN Number.
  7. Press and hold the button that shows below the screen.
  8. Get a confirmation SMS.

Recharge Palli Bidyut Prepaid Meter Using bKash USSD

If you don’t have a smartphone or internet access, you can follow the USSD dialing method. It is an easy method. Just take your mobile phone in which you have the SIM which has Bkash mobile banking account and follows the steps:

  1. Dial *247#
  2. Select the Pay Bill option.
  3. Select Electricity (Prepaid).
  4. Select Plli Bidyut (Prepaid).
  5. Go to Make Payment.
  6. Input Bill A/C number.
  7. Enter SMS A/C Number in the blank box.
  8. Enter Billing Month and year in the blank box.
  9. Enter Amount in the blank box.

Recharge Palli Bidyut Prepaid Meter By Rocket App

Rocket app is easier and user-friendly for bill payment. In all of the bill payment systems, Palli Biddyut’s bill payment is more accessible. Here I have described the steps to recharge prepaid meter:

  1. Open your Rocket App.
  2. Tap on Bill Pay.
  3. Click the Right Arrow Button.
  4. Then type DPDC (Prepaid).
  5. Enter Plli Bidyut Customer Number.
  6. Then click the Validate button.
  7. Enter Rocket Account PIN.
  8. At last, click the Pay Bill button.

Recharge Palli Bidyut Prepaid Meter By Rocket Dialing USSD

You don’t need a smartphone or internet connection to pay your bill. Without using the Rocket app, you can rather use USSD *322# to pay or recharge the Palli Bidyut Prepaid meter. USSD dialing is an easy method. Full steps are in the following:

  1. Dial *322#
  2. Choose Pay Bill.
  3. Choose Self or Others. (Select 1 for Own Payment, Select 2 for Payment of Someone else).
  4. Choose Plli Bidyut.
  5. Select Pre-paid Meter.
  6. Enter Plli Bidyut Customer Number.
  7. Click Accept.
  8. Waiting for a confirmation SMS from 16216.

Using the mobile banking system can save our valuable time and turn it into productivity. It makes our life easier and brings us closer to the present world.

You can pay or recharge your prepaid meter using your bank app like nexus pay, city touch, or other bank application. The process is not much difficult. If you face any problem paying your electricity bill or recharging your prepaid meter, let us know, we will try to help.


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