Pulse Transformer Design

Everything About Pulse Transformer Design

A pulse transformer is used to transmit voltage in the pulse from the primary terminal to the secondary terminal. This type of transformer is used in many electronic devices, including modern computers.

Pulse transformer design is straightforward. However, it is designed for its in different ways. The design of Pulse Transformer is discussed below:

Design of Pulse Transformer

The design of a pulse transformer depends on various factors such as power rating, impedance, inductance, low to high voltage level, frequency, winding capacitance, packaging, etc.

Pulse transformers are much smaller than voltage transformers and have relatively low capacitance and low winding leakage inductance.

Designers design pulse transformers with different sizes depending on other values ​​like capacitance, winding configuration, leakage inductance, etc.

Pulse Transformer
Pulse Transformer

The magnetic induction of this type of transformer is because the cores are designed with ferrite. One of the two windings of this transformer is connected to the ground with high voltage to conduct the pulse signal. The input voltage or current determines the performance of the pulse transformer.


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