Rampal Power Plant

Rampal Power Plant, Bagherhat, Khulna

Bangladesh and India Friendship Power Company Ltd (BIFPCL) results from friendship-friendly ties and economic cooperation within Bangladesh and India. It is a joint venture of the Bangladesh Power Development Board and NTPC of India. BIFPCL is committed to the power sector of Bangladesh. BIFPCL agrees to build a power plant for both countries with a 50:50 share.

At first, India set up a power plant in their country but failed to set it up. Then they looked for a place to set up the plant. Finally, India did a deed with Bangladesh and found a place to set up the power plant. The site was away from 14 km north of Sundarban, Bgherhat district, Khulna division, Bangladesh. The joint venture companies name is Rampal Power Plant. Bangladesh’s Government faces many problems to materialize it.

The construction of the Rampal power plant was delayed for many reasons. The agitation of  Bangladesh people, get permission from world heritage forum, coronavirus, and others obstacles. 2*660 MV coal-based power project at Rampal called the Maitree Super Thermal Power Project.

All About Rampal Power Plant

Rampal Power Plant is going to be the largest power plant in Bangladesh. It is away from 14 km of Sundarban in Bgherhat, Khulna, Bangladesh.

  • Plant Type: Electricity generation
  • Location: Gaurambha, Rampal Upazila, Bagherhat, Khulna district, Bangladesh.
  • Capacity: 2*660 MV, Total 1320 MV
  • Investment: US$ 1.68 billion
  • Organization Type: Joint venture.

Rampal Power Plant Project Details

Rampal Power Plant implementation is questionable for environmental causes. It may harmful to the ecosystem of Sundarbans and the Posur river. Bangladesh and India bear a 50:50 construction coast and share the benefit 50:50 equity basis between the two countries. The project will commercially start in 2022. The total cost of the project is US$ 1.68 billion.

The project needs 4.72 million tons of coal per year. The whole of the coal import from abroad on the waterway. The plant needs 219,600 cubic meters of water every day. The water collects from the Poshur river and discharges it into the river with purifing.

Rampal Power Plant Construction Details

This is the main found area comprising the boiler, chimney, ESP, FGB, and powerhouse. Construction activities are in full swing in all the areas of the project. unit 1 boiler drainable circuit pressure of parts work is completed and pressure test at design test performed in December 2020.

Unit 2 boiler pressure parts preassembly and erection are in progress. Bunker erection is completed high pressure qualified weld are deployed pressure parts joints border and darks erection is in progress. Mils erection is in progress. Unit 1 TG erection is in progress.

Unit 2 TG erection commences in December 2020. Chimney shield concreating completed up 248 meters. Another function of the plant’s works is in progress.

Raw Materials Of Rampal Power Plant

Electricity is generated by heating water with creating steam. The steam spins a generator and it is the main theme to generate electricity. Combustible materials are used for heating. We can boil water in many ways. Like, geothermal, Gas, Coal, Nuclear action, and others. The main raw material of the Rampal Power Plant is coal. Bangladesh imports coal from South Africa, Indonesia, and Australia.

Rampal Power Plant Location And Contact Information

Raised Rampal Power Plant is situated in the southern zone of Bangladesh in the Bagherhat district in the Khulna division. The power plant address and communication ways are given below:

  • Address: Gaurambha, Rampal Upazila, Bgherhat, Khulna district, Bangladesh.

Rampal Power Plant helps to remove the electrical lack ness in Bangladesh. The coastal area of the Bay of Bengal is known as a disaster-affected area in Bangladesh. The areas of people in the South zones of Bangladesh are benefited from the Rampal Power Plant. So, it is going to be a benefactor for Bangladesh.


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