Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant, Ishordi, Pabna

Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant, Ishwardi, Pabna

Power generation using nuclear technology began almost half a century ago. More than thirty countries are using this technology in power generation. Considering the financial, technical, and environmental benefits of nuclear technology in power generation, the acceptance of this technology is well known today.

In today’s world, developing and underdeveloped countries with dense and low energy resources have adopted nuclear power generation programs as alternatives to power generation to ensure their socio-economic development. As a consequence, Bangladesh has made a plan to set up a nuclear power plant.

In November 2017, Bangladesh started to build the plant with five layers security system by maintaining the international standard command of nuclear power generation. The plant has a total 2-unit reactor. Unit-1 will be implemented in 2023, and Unit-2 will be implemented in October 2024.

All About Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant

Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant is placed on the Padma riverbank in Ishardhi, Pabna. It is the biggest Governmental project in the history of Bangladesh. Here you can see the location and contact information in this blog.

  • Plant Type: Nuclear Power Plant
  • Location: Rooupur, Tashi Upozila, Ishwardi, Pabna
  • Capacity: 2400 MW (Mega Watt)
  • Investment: 12.65 billion US$
  • Organization Type: Government
  • Company Size: 

Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant Project Details

Among the various power generation methods, nuclear technology is one way to make the power supply system reliable and improved. The government is fully aware of the appropriateness of building a nuclear power plant to meet the growing power demand in Bangladesh and to make progress in the country’s macro-economy.

The Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission (BAEC) government has also given utmost importance to the issue of nuclear safety in selecting technology for reactors of nuclear power plants. The current government’s agreement with the Russian Federation to set up a nuclear power plant in Rooppur includes installing the latest version of the VVER-type reactor family.

Bangladesh also has the freedom to customize its nuclear safety features after selecting technology and determining its power generation capacity. In other words, the government of Bangladesh has taken the initiative to build the latest technology for the VVER (Vodo-Vodyanoi e|nergetichesky Reaktor; water-water energetic reactor_ WWER) family in Rooppur.

Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant Photo Gallery

People are very enthusiastic to see the Rooppur Nuclear Power Plants photo because they have never seen the picture before. It is very charming and beautiful to see the image.

Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant Photo
Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant

Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant Construction Details

The foundation of aa started in 2016 with 12.65 billion US dollars from the Russian government. The plant has two units of 2400 MV capable of generating parts. The commercial operation begins in 2023 for unit 1 and in 2024 for unit 2.

On November 4, 2017, Bangladesh Atomic Energy Regulatory Authority gave a construction license to design Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant. More than 2,200 employees, including 450 Russian specialists, work at the site. The Hindustan Construction Company and the Bangladesh-based MAX Group are committed to building the plant with a 40:60 percent share.

Raw Materials Of Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant

Nuclear technology is the most secure and guaranteed sustainable source of power generation. It reduces dependence on fuel imports. The uncertainty of regular oil/gas supply in the international energy supply market and the rapid depletion of oil/gas reserves in developed countries in energy.

With all these considerations, Bangladesh will become the focal point for using nuclear power technology. Uranium-235 and Uranium-237 is the primary raw material of Nuclear Power Plant. Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant also uses the material. The material generation power with a chain reaction.

Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant Security Measures

As Bangladesh’s first nuclear-burned power plant, RNPP has been ensured entirely safe by the Nuclear Power Plant Company Bangladesh Limited (NPCBL). If you see the image carefully, you will know about the safety confirmation of the Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant.

Safety Of Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant
Natural Disaster and NPP

Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant Radiation Safety

On July 3, 2016, Director-General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Ekia Amano visited the Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant construction project area. At that time, he expressed satisfaction that all the international standards were followed in setting the center.

A cooperation agreement was signed with Bangladesh and the Russian Federation on August 30, 2016, to return the spent fuel of the Rooppur nuclear power plant to Russia.

Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant Radiation Safety
Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant Radiation Safety

Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant Location And Contact Information

Contact the head office of Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant, which is located in Dhaka, is essential. All of the contact methods and online-based information are given below:

  • Address: Rooppur NPP building 4, Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue Shahbag, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh
  • Telephone Number: 02964635
  • Email:
  • Website:

For the country, electricity is essential in its socioeconomic development. Ensuring power supply is first required for domestic and foreign investment. Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant will be a big fish to increasing our natural production. It helps to make Bangladesh a developed country in the world. It’s our pride.


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