Sirajganj Power Plant

Sirajganj Power Plant (All Unit Together)

Bangladesh is a developing country. It needs more electrical energy to develop. The Bangladesh government has adopted a mega plan for the country’s power sector. Many power plants have been set up in different parts of Bangladesh. For example, Sirajganj Dual-Fuel Combined Bicycle Power Plant has been set up on the banks of river Jamuna. This blog is going to gives detailed information about the Sirajganj power plant.

All About Sirajganj Power Plant

A Singapore-based power generation company invest in implementing the project as a joint venture with Bangladeshi North-West Power Generation Company. The power plant is located on the west side of the northern part of the Jamuna bridge in Sirajganj. The whole of the details of the power plant is given below:

  • Plant Type: Dual-Fuel Combined Cycle Power Plant
  • Location: Sirajganj, Rajshahi, Bangladesh
  • Project Name: Sirajganj 4 Combined Cycle Power Plant
  • Capacity: Unit-1, Unit-2, Unit-3, Unit-4 = 225, 225, 225, 414 MW
  • Investment: 103+412 Million US$
  • Organization Type: Public Limited Company

Sirajganj Power Plant Project Details

CDC (Certified Development Company) helps to make funds for the project. Sirajganj is a thermal power generation plant. The first three units are based on oil-fired, and unit 4 is based on natural gas. This plant is a joint venture between Bangladesh and Singapore. Sembcorp gets 29%, and North-West Power Generation Company gets a 71% share in the project. BPDP purchases its electricity with an agreement of 22 years.

Srajganj Power Plant Photo Gallery

The plant looks nice for its architecture. Some of the photos of its is given below:

Sirajganj Power Plant

Sirajganj Power Plant Construction Details

The power plant is based near the riverside for easily getting water and emits it into the river. For this purpose, the Sirajganj power plant builds on the band of the Jamuna river. It has four units. The total capacity of the plant is 1089 MV with oil-fired and gas-fired chambers.

Due to lack of fuel, all of its units are not active at this moment. The authority of the plant tries to solve the fuel problem. A Singapore-based foreign company keen to invest in the project. The power plant started its commercial operation in 2017.

Raw Materials Of Sirajganj Power Plant

There are many types of power plants in the country. Many of them Sirajganj power plant is one. It is an oil and gas-fired power plant. The plant has four units.

The first three units are based on oil, and the last unit-4 is based on gas. So, the raw materials of the plant are oil and gas. When the Barapukuria power plant stopped then, Sirajganj unit-4 activated for the consuming power of the national grid.

Sirajganj Power Plant Contact Information

North-West Power Generation Company Limited maintains all of the functions of the Sirajganj power plant. So, NWPGCL is the parent company of the Sirajganj Power Plant. It is sufficient to know NWPGCL’s contact information for the Sirajganj Power Plant. The corporate office contact information of the plant is given below:

Corporate office:

Sirajganj Power Station generates electricity for the national grid of the country. It helps in the development of national increments. The people of North Bengal benefit from the plant. Electricity for various cities and the Jamuna Bridge is supplied from the Sirajganj Power Station.


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