Solar Panel Installing Process: How Do Solar Energy Work

Solar Panel Installation: Installing Sollar Panel On Your Home

Load shedding is nowadays a widespread problem in our country, mainly in village areas. So the usage of Solar panels is increasing rapidly in Bangladesh. We use panels that generate electricity from the sun’s light; we can use that electricity in our house. But how exactly this system works?

How Do Solar Energy Work

A solar cell is an electronic device that directly converts solar energy into electrical energy.  This works as a photovoltaic cell. Here photo means light, and voltaic means electricity. And a package together by many cells is called a solar panel. Each cell is connected to the other. These solar cells act like batteries. Batteries produce electricity from chemicals, and solar cells have electricity from light. Then this electricity is transferred to the battery by using a charge controller.

How Do Solar Energy Works
Solar Energy Work Working Loop

Equipment for Installing Sollar Panel With Price

At the outset, I want to say that the solar system can be set up independently if you have a little knowledge of electrical and electronics. However, if one does not know this, it would be wise for an experienced person to install solar.

Main Components of The Solar System:

Here is the list of all the necessary equipment for installing a solar panel at home.

  • Solar Panel + Battery
  • Charge Controller
  • LED + Fan + Switch
  • Necessary Amount Wire

Price Of Ingredients:

All the prices wouldn’t be the same for the location or business policy issue. But here I’m trying to let you know an introductory price.

Watt per solar panel:

  1. Black monocrystal (pure black) 60-65 Taka.
  2. Blue color polycrystal (blue) 50-55 Taka.

The efficiency of the Black monocrystal panel is higher than the polycrystal. All solar panels are guaranteed a minimum of 20 years and a maximum lifetime because solar is not usually damaged without significant issues.

Battery (Volvo):

  1. 20 Amp 2800-3000 Taka
  2. 30 Amp 3800-4000 Taka
  3. 40 Amp 4900-5200 Taka

Rohimafroze batteries cost a little more. But the performance is so good. In addition, all new solar batteries have a 5-year warranty. So when you install a new battery, you don’t have to worry for at least five years.

Charge Controller

Charge controllers are usually available in the market for 300 to 400 Taka. There is no benefit in these. A few LEDs with only two or three transistors and registers inside are just it.

A microcontroller-based solar charge controller from Superstar Company is available from Tk 700 to Tk 800. This is what I’m using. Its performance seems reasonable to me. Moreover, the MPTT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) charge controller is available for 1500 to 3000 Taka. The performance and efficiency of the original MPPT are excellent.


There are many different types of LEDs available in the market. Usually, 3-watt and 5-watt LEDs are widely used. These LEDs cost from Tk 30 to TK 100.


Fans of different sizes are available in the market. There is usually a 5-watt 6-inch fan with a fan usually seen on bus trucks for BDT. 450-600. Moreover, a 10 to 12-inch 12-watt fan is available at 900 to 1500 TK. I’m using a 12-watt fan from Superstar Company. It is 1200 TK and has two years warranty.


If you wish, you can remove the resistor LED inside the bed switch available in the market and use it with solar LED and fan. Moreover, expensive controls are available for solar panels. So you can use that too.


The solar system, can be divided into two parts. One goes from the solar panel to the battery as a charge controller. This cable must be of excellent quality. Usually, a very thick BRB company wire is found to not cut rats and cockroaches.

The price of this wire is about 50 to 55 TK per yard. If you wish to save cost, you can select it according to amperes. Another type of wire should be taken, which will be of average quality. This cable will go separately from the controller to all loads.

Remember, add a load to a wire, not more, while installing wires. The LED will give less light if more than one load is applied to the same wire.

Installation Of Solar Panel

For line connection, you don’t have to worry. The connection point of the solar charge controller will be a written where the connection will be. So if one has general knowledge of electrical wiring, he can easily set all the connections by following the charge controller connection point.

Caution For Installation of Solar Panel

Some people among us want to set inverters or IPS in solar systems. I will tell them, brother, please stay away 100 feet from that. This is because the batteries used in solar are mainly charged slowly and discharged slowly.

But the inverter or IPS battery gets charged and discharged very fast. So never use a solar battery with IPS or inverter. And it sounds like the warranty is void when used with a solar battery inverter.

So, here was the thing. You can now do it on your own. If you face any problem, write a comment, and I will try to solve that problem.

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