Step Down Transformer

What Is Step Down Transformer?

The transformer is an electrical device that has been used in both transmission and distribution areas. A step-down transformer works as a power loss reducer of both the transformation line and distribution line. There are two main types of transformer: step up and step down. This article is about what actually the step-down transformer is. Here we go:

What Is Step Down Transformer? How To Define?

A step-down transformer is completely the opposite of a step-up transformer. A step-down transformer is an electrical component that transfers electrical energy from one coil to another. It transforms a high voltage supply with lo current to a low voltage supply with a high current.

Types of a Step-Down transformer

There are three different types of step-down transformers available on the market, which are different based on the phase-type of a step-down transformer. The three types of step-down transformers are:

  • Single Phase
  • Center tapped or Center phase.
  • Multi taped.

A Single-phase transformer doesn’t change the frequency but reduces Voltage. It mainly uses for home appliances. On the other hand, a center phase transformer is a kind of transformer that has a tap in the middle of the output or secondary winding.

The multi-taped transformer has a big difference here; it has multiple taps on the primary and secondary winding.

Understanding Step-Down Transformer

When a transformer has more primary winding than secondary winding, this is a voltage step-down transformer. Step down transformer input high voltage-low current and output low voltage-high current to secondary winding without losing frequency. Simply, a transformer that decreases supply voltage to the secondary winding is a step-down transformer.

Understanding Step-Down Transformer
Understanding Step-Down Transformer


The transformer’s primary turn is = Np,
Secondary turn is = Ns,

Primary voltage = Vp,
and Vs is the secondary Voltage; then,

Then step down transformer’s equation will be,

Vp/Vs = Np/Ns


A step-down transformer is so helpful in the distribution line. It also can be used in various electronic and electrical equipment. You will be surprised to know that all the transformers of the distribution line we see near our homes, street, and villages are step-down transformers. The step-down transformer reduces transformation voltage from 11KV to 220V.


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