Step Up Transformer Equation

Step Up Transformer Equation Understanding

There are two kinds of step-up transformers, which are a single phage and three phages transformer. Two of the transformers work on the same principle. We know the secondary windings’ turn number is more than the primary windings’ turn number in the step-up transformer. The step-up transformer uses to multiply the Voltage in the secondary loads.

The step-up transformer has its functions in some equational formulas. In this blog, we narrate all of the step-up transformers’ equational formulas below. Secondary windings are grater than primary windings. This express in Ns>Np.

Equation of the Step-Up Transformer

The Step-up transformers are widely using to increase transmission voltage. This Voltage step-up system follows the Electromagnetic Induction rule. An equation follows the primary and secondary coil’s winding supply voltage to calculate the output voltage.

We can calculate primary Voltage, primary windings turn number, secondary Voltage, and secondary windings turn number with the equation. The equation of the step-up transformer is given below:


Secondary Voltage is = Vs
Primary Voltage is = Vp

Secondary Coil Winding is = Ns
and, Primary Coil Winding is = Np

Then, the Step Up Transformer Equation is,


Step Up Transformer Equation
Step Up Transformer Equation

Step-Up Transformer Equation Calculation

The Step-Up transformer’s secondary windings turn number calculation is given below. The result is always is Ns>Np in the step-up transformer.

If a step-up transformer has 120 turns on its primary windings with 40V, the output voltage is 180V. Calculate how many windings turn in the secondary coil?

The main equation is Vs./Vp=Ns/Np. This question required to know the Ns number. According to the question,

  • Np=120
  • Vp=40
  • Vs=180
  • Ns=?

if, Vs/Vp=Ns/Np

> 180/40=Ns/120

> Here, Ns= Np*Vs/Vp=120*180/40= 540

Efficient Equation of The Step-Up Transformer

The efficiency of a step-Up transformer depends on primary current flow (Ip), secondary current flow (Is), primary Voltage (Vp), and secondary Voltage (Vs). The equation of the efficiency of a step-Up transformer is given below:



  • Ip= Primary Current
  • Is= Secondary Current
  • Vp= Primary Voltage
  • Vs= Secondary Voltage
Step Up Transformer Equation Of Efficiency
Step Up Transformer Equation Of Efficiency

The transformer equation is very important for knowing the working activity of the transformer. If a transformer gives a negative reading, it is necessary to replace it with a new one.


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