Step Up Transformer Voltage And Windings Turn

Step Up Transformer Voltage and Windings Turn Number

Electricity transformation occurs in high voltage. But the power generation plants aren’t able to generate high voltage electricity. For solving this problem, we use a step-up transformer. It can enhance the voltage from 12 kV to 33 kV. Transmission loss increases when the voltage decreases. So, it is important to measure the output voltage of the step-up transformer for sustaining a balanced electrical transformation and other electrical circuits.

Output Voltage Measuring In Step Up Transformer

A step-up transformer is an electrical instrument. In this transformer, the secondary coil turns number is more than the primary coil turns number. This transformer uses to amplifying output voltage from the input voltage. With the step-up transformer’s equation, we can easily measure the voltage and winding turn number between the two terminals of the two phages and three phages step-up transformer.

The voltage measuring equation of the step-up transformer is Vs.*Np=Vp*Ns

Step Up Transformer Voltage

It is straightforward to measure the secondary voltage. Secondary voltage (Vs) is always more than primary voltage (Vp). Vs.>Vp. In reverse, we can measure the primary (Vp) voltage. Now give an example to measure the secondary voltage of a step-up transformer.

If a step-up transformer’s primary coil turn number is 400 and secondary coil turn number is 1600. AC is 120V. Now calculate the secondary voltage of the transformer.

According to the question,

  • Np= 400
  • Ns= 1600
  • Vp= 120
  • Vs=?

Vs= Vp*Ns/Np= 120*1600/400= 480 V

Output Coil Turn Measuring in Step Up Transformer

The coil turn measuring equation of the step-up transformer is Vs.*Np=Vp*Ns

If a step-up transformer’s AC is 160V. The secondary voltage is 500V. The primary windings turn number is 450. Now calculate the secondary windings turn number.

According to the question,

  • Vp= 160
  • Vs= 500
  • Np= 450
  • Ns=?

Ns=Np*Vs/Vp=450*500/160= 1406

Voltage measuring is very important for the power sector. We can amplify voltage with the step-up transformer. Step down transformer decrease this voltage for make to use it in the residence or others purposes.


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