Types Of Current Transformer

Different Types Of Current Transformer

A current transformer is a form of instrument transformer. It decreases the voltage to measure the high voltage current using a voltmeter. This blog will describe the types of current transformers.

Types of Current Transformer
Types Of Current Transformer

Current Transformer Types

The current transformer is divided into two aspects. One is measuring, and another is protecting. Considering two of these ways, these are divided into many steps. These are given below:

  • Indoor Current Transformer: This type of transformer is used in low-voltage circuits. It consists of primary and secondary windings. Summing is done due to the accuracy and high quality of the initial ampere-turn.
  • Outdoor Current Transformer: This type of transformer is used in high-voltage circuits, especially in switchyards and substations. The outdoor current transformer is light and filled with insulating oil and SF6 gas.
  • Bushing Current Transformer: The bushing current is similar to the transformer bar form where the secondary winding and core are installed on the primary conductor. The secondary winding is curved in a circle. This transformer is connected to the bushing as a power transformer, circuit breaker, switchgear.
  • Portable Current Transformer: Portable current transformers obtain accurate voltage ratings. An ammeter is attached to it for him. It is made by clamp-on portable, flexible, and split-core. The voltage rating range of a portable current transformer is 1000A to 1500A. It is used in high voltage circuits.
  • Standard Measuring Current Transformer: These transformers are connected to the ammeter and used to measure voltage accurately. It can measure high voltage by calculating low voltage from 0 to 200 amperes. To reduce the risk of shock, this type of transformer should be kept closed at all times.
  • Metering Current Transformer: The metering current is used by the transformer to know the constant current voltage and other things. Whose error accuracy is 0.1 to 0.2%. Such transformers determine circuit faults.
  • Protection Current Transformer: This type of transfer protects the circuit. It controls the current correctly. This type of transfer is usually silicon steel with a high saturation level.
  • Wound Primary: In this way, the transformer is connected in series with the primary winding conductor. The voltage range of this transformer is 1A to 100A. This type of transformer is made using insulating oil and porcelain.
  • Ring-type: This type of transformer is installed on the insulated wire and has a low level of insulation at the output. Its core is usually laminated silicon, and the windings are made of copper wire.

Aggregate transformers are usually used for comparison between voltages. Voltage is calculated by converting a three-phase transformer into a single-phase transformer.

Current transformers are used for many purposes. Current transformers are used for many purposes. Proper transformers protect the safe transmission, distribution, measurement, and protection from various accidents.


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