Types of Transformers Based On Usages

Types of Transformers Based On Usages

Transformers are divided into different parts based on the type of use that operates in a particular domain. Several dedicated transformers are used in both electronics and electrical. Transformers work on a step-down or step-up basis. Transformers can be classified into the following categories based on usage:

Power Transformer

The power transformer is big and heavy. It has many kinds with single phages and three phages. It compared with the primary and the secondary windings. The primary windings are connected with the source, and the secondary windings are connected with the load.

The core of these kinds of transformers is made with raw iron materials and other laminated materials. Some of the power transformers names are given below:

  • Laminated core
  • Toroidal
  • Autotransformer
  • Variable autotransformer
  • Induction regulator
  • Polyphase transformer
  • Grounding transformer
  • Phase-shifting transformer
  • Variable-frequency transformer
  • Leakage or stray field transformer
  • Resonant transformer
  • Constant voltage transformer
  • Ferrite core
  • Planar transformer
  • Oil-cooled transformer
  • Cast resin transformer
  • Isolating transformer
  • Solid-state transformer

Instrument Transformer

An instrument transformer measures voltage in high tension (HT) and low tension (LT) lines. The instrument transformer looks small and weighs relatively little. There are three types of instrument transformers. The names of these transformers are given below:

  • Current transformer
  • Voltage transformer or potential transformer
  • Combined instrument transformer

Pulse Transformer

The pulse transformer is usually used in electrical circuit boards like digital computers, radar, TV, and many more electrical circuits. It is a small transformer. Pulse transformers operate at high-power pulse voltages in vacuum devices and are designed to hold high loads. This transformer has repetitive radical power and can transfer huge energy efficiently at a high frequency.

RF transformer

An RF (radio frequency) transformer converts electrical signals between two or more circuits. This electromagnetic device creates a modified magnetic field using the conductor’s induction principle. This type of transformer is designed for high-frequency operation. There are many kinds of RF transformers. Some kinds of RF transformers names are given below:

  • Air-core transformer
  • Ferrite-core transformer
  • Transmission-line transformer
  • Balun transformer

IF transformer

The whole meaning of IF transformer is Intermediate Transformer. Suppose transformers are commonly used in radios as transistors. It is widely used as a transformer inductor (synchronous tuned filter) to fix the radio. The IF transformer can operate in the 455 kHz range to 0.7 MHz capacity, adjusted by 60 pF section.

Audio Transformer

The audio transformer can convert the sinusoidal input signal to the output signal of the required voltage. The transformer’s function is to increase or decrease the input signal voltage gradually. Another feature of the transformer is its isolation.

That is the separation of the primary winding from the secondary winding. An audio transformer is a type of isolation transformer. This is because it has a 1: 1 turn ratio so that if the excess voltage increases in the primary winding, it may become detached from the secondary winding.

Because there is no direct electrical connection between the two windings, this type of transformer is used in amplifiers and speakers. This increases or decreases the output voltage in proportion to the number of turns of the coil wire inside the AC signal.

This type of transformer can work in the voice range of 20Hz to 20kHz. Below some of the audio transformer names are given:

  • Loudspeaker transformer
  • Step-Down and Step-Up transformer
  • Output transformer
  • Small-signal transformer
  • Interstage and coupling transformer

Other types

In addition to the transformers mentioned above, there are many more types of transformers. Which have been made for different purposes. Below are the names of some of the transformers:

  • Transactor
  • Hedgehog
  • Variometer and variocoupler
  • Rotary transformer
  • Variable differential transformer
  • Resolver and synchro
  • Piezoelectric transformer
  • Flyback

The transformer is an essential device in the power sector. Without it, proper transport and electricity distribution cannot be imagined. Different types of transformers are designed to do different types of work. Good use of transformers prevents wastage of electricity and protects against various accidents.


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