Types of Voltage Transformer

Different Types of Voltage Transformer

There are different types of voltage transformers available nowadays. Electrical transformers are designed in different ways for different purposes. Although there are some design differences between them, almost the same basic principle works. Since the invention of the transformer by Michael Faraday in 1831, various types of transformers have been invented through various changes.

One of these is the voltage transformer, which is small in size. It looks a lot like a small device. It is also called a potential transformer under the instrument transformer.

Voltage Transformer types
Voltage Transformer Types

Instrument Transformer

The voltage transformer is one kind of measurement transformer because all of these transformers are used to measure the voltage in the LT (low tension) and HT (high tension) lines. The kinds of voltage transformers’ names are given below:

  • Current Transformer
  • Voltage Transformer or Potential Transformer
  • Combined Instrument Transformer

Voltage Transformer Types

Voltage transformers or potential transformers are under the instrument transformer. There are three kinds of instrument transformers. They are the current transformer, voltage transformer, potential transformer, and combined instrument transformer.

The voltage transformer is divided into three primary parts. These are electromagnetic, capacitor, and optical.

These are the types of voltage transformers:

Electromagnetic Voltage Transformer: Electromagnetic voltage transformers are made by twisting copper wire with primary and secondary windings. Also called a wire-wound transformer.

Electromagnetic Voltage Transformer
Electromagnetic Voltage Transformer

Capacitor Voltage Transformer: A transformer made using a capacitance potential divider is called a capacitor voltage transformer. The production cost of this transformer is lower than that of an electromagnetic transformer and can be used simultaneously at high voltage.

Capacitor Voltage Transformer
Capacitor Voltage Transformer

Optical Voltage Transformer: The basic principle of operation of this type of transformer is to use optical material, which measures the potentially high voltage by absorbing the electrical properties of the material. Such transformers are generally considered effect sensors rather than optical voltage transformers.

Optical Voltage Transformer
Optical Voltage Transformer

A voltage transformer is also called a potential transformer. This transformer is connected in parallel with the load; hence it is called a parallel-connected type device transformer. This type of transformer is designed for high-voltage circuits and protection, accurate metering, and accurate voltage ratios.


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