Visual Critical Voltage

What Is Visual Critical Voltage? When It Occur!

We will now discuss visual critical voltage in detail. Voltage is an essential thing in the sector of electricity. It has been maintained carefully. The whole of the electric system depends on the accurate passing/transmitting of the voltage. Visual critical voltage is very important to know to build knowledge about electricity. This blog will help you to learn more about critical visual voltage. Read this blog carefully and share your experience with others.

Visual Critical Voltage Explain

Knowing about visual critical voltage before you have to know about neutral voltage. Mainly two of the conductor (basically wires) circulate electrons in the electrical circuits. The conduct is connected with an AC source, and the other is connected with the ground. The ground is considered as the source of generating electricity which is connected with neutral voltage.

The visual critical voltage means the voltage where corona glows starts on the high voltage and it is the lowest stage of neutral voltage which appearance of the faint luminous glow of violet color all along the transmission line conductors. The calculation of visual critical voltage rules is given below. Through the rule, we can calculate the actual visual critical voltage.

Here the meaning of alphabets are:

  • M0 = 1 for smooth and polished conductors
  • Vc= Critical disruptive voltage
  • g0= Breakdown strength of air at 76cm of Hg and 25°C
  • δ= Air density factor
  • r= Radius of the conductor
  • d= Spacing between the conductors

Visual critical voltage is very important to know for the creation of the EMF in the air around the wires. Through the measuring of the visual critical voltage, we can make protection against the loss of electricity.


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