Voltage Transformer Design

Understanding Voltage Transformer Design

The voltage transformer is a device used to decrease the voltage from the primary terminal to the secondary terminal. It is considered a step-down transformer. The function and construction of this transformer are very easy. This blog will describe the design of the voltage transformer.

Design of Voltage Transformer

Always in a voltage transformer, the secondary coils turn a number less than the primary coils turn number. This is Ns < Np. Ns means the secondary coils turn number, and Np means the primary coils turn number. Voltage transformers are classified into single-phase and double-phages.

There are many kinds of voltage transformers that are designed for several purposes. But all of them are working by the same process. The windings are not connected with the physical wire. It works through the EMF force.

A voltage transformer is used to measure the voltage in the high voltage line and the low voltage lines. It is a small static device. A voltmeter is attached with the transformer that shows the result of the voltage.

Design of Voltage Transformer
Voltage Transformer Design

There are many kinds of materials needed to make a voltage transformer. Many types of materials are required to make a voltage transformer. Iron and other substances are used as the core. Winding is made by wrapping insulating copper wire with the core.

It is associated with the primary winding source and with the secondary winding load. When electricity is transmitted, winding creates two magnetic fields that transfer electricity from one side to the other.


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