What is Voltage Transformer

What Is Voltage Transformer | Potential Transformer?

The transformer increases or decreases the voltage from one side to another side. There are many kinds of transformers invented from 1831 to the present. One of the many types of transformers the voltage transformer is one. It is also called a potential transformer.

This transformer measures the voltage in the high tension and low tension electric lines. It looks small than the other transformers. This blog will describe the definition of the voltage transformer.

Voltage Transformer
Voltage Transformer

Definition of Voltage Transformer /Potential Transformer

A voltage transformer (VT) is also called a potential transformer (PT). This type of transformer is connected to the parallel load. Voltage transformers are designed to detect much higher voltages efficiently.

This transformer detects a potential low voltage and finds the high voltage value. Secondary metering has a correct voltage ratio and phase relationship to get the accurate voltage rating.

The Ratio of the Voltage Transformer

If a voltage transformer (VT) or the potential transformer (PT) windings ratio is 700:110, it will provide an output voltage of 110 volts when 700 volts are impressed across the primary windings. The standard range of the voltage ratings in the voltage transformers is 70 volts to 120 volts.

Accuracy of the Voltage Transformer

The accuracy of the voltage transformer is fantastic. It can measure voltage with about 99.4% accuracy. If it does not work with its ultimate accuracy, there is a possibility of collision, which can cause significant damage.

Types of Voltage Transformer

The voltage transformer is one kind of measurement transformer. There are three kinds of voltage transformers. All of these are designed for different purposes. The name of the voltage transformers are given below:

  • Current Transformer
  • Voltage Transformer or Potential Transformer
  • Combined Instrument Transformer

A voltage transformer is considered a potential transformer. It is only used for measuring the voltage. Because sustaining a standard voltage level is very important for both the transmission and distribution line. If somehow the voltage increases or decreases, then the voltage transformer informs it.

At that time, power transformer or other transformers work their duty to sustain the standard voltage level. For this reason, the voltage transformer/ the potential transformer is very important for the electrical sector.


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