What Is Critical Disruptive Voltage

What Is Critical Disruptive Voltage?

Critical Disruptive voltage is the voltage stage where the corona effect occurs between a transmission line’s conductors. The distance between the two conductors is larger than their diameters; the air surrounding them is subjected to electro-static stresses.

If the potential difference applied reaches a value, the air between the conductors gets ionized, producing ions. And this ionization causes an electrical discharge; that is the corona effect. And that voltage stage better two conductors is called Critical Disruptive Voltage.

Critical Disruptive Voltage Circuit Understanding

If we consider two-conductor A and Conductor B of the same radius r, d is the distance between them, and their phase to neutral voltage is V; so, Vc will be defined as critical disruptive voltage. Here is the diagram of critical disruptive voltage below:

Critical Disruptive Voltage
Critical Disruptive Voltage Diagram Example

Critical Disruptive Voltage Formula

Critical disruptive voltage formula, Vc= m0g0δrln(d/r)kV/phase

critical disruptive voltage formula.

Critical Disruptive Voltage Formula Explain:

We know;

Vc = m0g0δrln(d/r)kV/phase


mo = 1 for smooth and polished conductors,
= 0.92 to 0.98 for rough conductors, and
= 0.87 for stranded conductors.

So, Critical Disruptive voltage is a voltage between two conductors in the transmission line when the corona effect occurs. And the formula of Critical Disruptive voltage Vc = m0g0δrln(d/r)kV/phase.


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