What To Do After Electric Shock

What To Do After Electric Shock: (101) First Aid & Care Tips

The human body is a negative electric source. When electricity passes through a person’s body or gets in contact with an electrical current, which causes an electric shock for the flow of current, electric shock can damage both internally and outside of our body like skin. Heart attack, several tissue damages, nerve damage, lungs, skin damage, or burn are the possible main effect of electric shock.

What To Do After Electric Shock

Electric shock is more dangerous you can ever imagine. I have had seen a person 50% burn the whole body for electric shock and happened spot dead. The amount of the injury depends on the line quality, like the voltage, current. A high voltage 11KV line will kill a person on the spot if a person gets shocked for only 5 seconds.

For more minor injuries, the effect doesn’t appear for up to 10 days. Then the person who was affected by the Electric Shock will see the damages the shock caused. Take necessary steps to get through this dangerous accident.

Follow first aid, and then if need, call the doctor for treatment as soon as you need. Remember, under particular conditions, even a tiny voltage shock can be fatal for your body.

Electric Shock First Aid

If someone gets an electric shock, as a first-aid treatment, you must follow the tips given below:

  • Remove the Power Cable: If the power cable is attached, remove it with dry bamboo or wood on heavy sandal feet. Never go to catch him directly in the electrified state. Otherwise, you will be in danger.
  • Lay Shocked Person on the Ground: Quickly lay him down (as much as possible) on the ground, without pillows. This will send excess electricity to the ground.
  • Check Out Person Carefully: Check if there is any dirt on the face, nose, saliva, or the tongue is turned upside down. If there is anything near your hand, clean it with a cloth; if the tongue is upside down, put your finger in your mouth and straighten it. Then continue to blow with the mouth open while pressing the two jaws between the two jaws (Artificial Breathing = mouth to mouth).
  • Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR): At the same time, give a little push(CPR) with the ankle of the palm just in the middle of the chest (where the heart is). Then keep pressing on the right hand or holding the hand 1-2-3 …. 1-2-3 in this way. It has to be done like 72 times per minute. That is a little more than the ticking of the clock.
  • Watch the Pulse, Heart Sound: Watch the pulse, heart sound (if possible), breathing for 5/6 minutes following methods 3 and 4. If it comes back, stop. And if breathing, the pulse doesn’t start again, repeat methods 3 and 4 again.
  • Continue Message: Give a light massage to hands, feet, body.

Things To Do For Recovering From Electric Shock

Follow the treatment given by your doctor. Please don’t do anything stupid as it a hazardous for the human body. If the body gets burned, and the affected person somehow survives, we recommend you take proper rest and medicine.

  • Take pain killer suggested by the doctor. Use over-the-counter pain medicine, such as acetaminophen (Tylenol), ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin), or naproxen (Aleve) (some doctors forbid to use of Aspirin).
  • You are not allowed to take more medicine unless the doctor told you to. Sometimes they are more dangerous than they can help our body :).

Don’t touch the burn area; keep the burned place of your body safe from the outside. If you use any medicine, read the level first before taking it.

Care For Yourself at Home

If you have a mild burn caused by the electric shock, here are care tips for you that will help you keep you strong, safe from the fatal.

  • Keep cleaning the burnt skin area using water (some doctors suggest using a little hot water, but it’s better to use cold water if the burn area isn’t so dry).
  • Bandage the wound.
  • Use ornament is the doctor told you to.
  • Follow the dressing process and keep covering the burn area.
  • Change bandage timely, don’t let it get wet.
  • When all is well, you can give “Hartsol Saline 1000 ml” 25/30 drops per minute.
  • Electric Shocked accident person can eat water, saline, milk, coconut water some days to recover.

Further, follow instructions given by the doctor. Don’t just do things by yourself. It’s too dangerous!

Exams and Tests For Electric Shock

As the electrical shock is so dangerous for a human body, if someone is affected and doesn’t have a significant injury, it’s better to take some clinical exam and test the affected person’s body.

Electric shock harm our muscle, heart, lungs. We can see our body’s external damage happened or not. But can’t see inside of our body, so take these internal tests if possible:

  • ECG
  • Complete blood count
  • Blood & urine test
  • CT scan

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy!

Before doing any electric works at your home, office, or anywhere, be sure everything is okay! Use a power taster, safety gloves, safe tools to connect an electric wire or attaching a new connection. A little inadvertence can have a massive effect on our life; don’t forget that.

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